Death of Democracy

The Eagle camp celebrated late into the night last night, and Owen Smith readied himself to become Labours new leader. They had achieved their aim of shrinking the selectorate by disenfranchising up to 200,000 Labour members by imposing a new and undemocratic 6 month rule; the rule whereby only members of the Labour party who joined before mid-January 2016 are entitled to vote. Additionally, they had managed to ensure that those too poor to be able to afford a labour party membership would also be excluded from voting in the leadership election by increasing the supporter fee from £3 to £25, and only allowing 48 hours for people to sign up as supporters, cutting off any hope of crowdfunding the required funds to help the poorest to be able to participate in democracy.
In fact, Democracy lay dead, stabbed and violated, on the table of the NEC meeting room at the end of yesterdays meeting, and the Chicken Coup plotters have readied themselves to reheat Blairism and offer the people of the UK no real choice in the next general election. It is a victory for evil. A victory for the establishment, that has set out to destroy Jeremy Corbyn and humiliate him by ensuring he, and most importantly, his ideas and values, are seen to be rejected by an election. There will be no fairness and equality in the UK, the establishment has spoken.
However, we have a duty to keep the red flag flying so this is what we must do.
First, there is still a leadership election to fight and win. Getting Corbyn on the ballot means we still have a chance, the door has been shut in our faces but a window has been left unlocked. So we must fight harder than we did last time, and we must win. Join the Corbyn leadership campaign, deliver leaflets, make phone calls and tweet your heart out. A meme a day keeps the Eagle at bay. And most importantly if you haven’t already then DO sign up as a Labour member even though you cannot vote in the leadership election this time. If you join a union such as unite and then sign up as an affiliated supporter of the Labour party before 8th August you may even end up being able to vote in the leadership contest, although it is not 100% clear.
Second, all those that have joined Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn must stay put. The establishment may have blocked you from voting in the upcoming leadership election, but should Corbyn lose you must stay in Labour, as after the leadership election there will be work to do and you WILL be able to vote. Whether Corbyn wins or loses it is important that Corbyn supporters take over their CLPs. This is easily done as Labour members in Brighton showed us last week. Simply organize. When your CLPs AGM comes around ensure that Corbyn supporters are put forward to stand for all of the posts such as Chair, and executive members. Once you control the CLP you have power that can help Corbyn whether he is still leader or not. You can also punish the plotters by ensuring only pro-corbyn candidates become Councillors and MPs. It is interesting that given the result in Brighton, the Labour party has temporarily suspended all CLP meetings until after the leadership contest. They are hoping you leave after Corbyn loses. Do not let them push you out.
Third, ensure pro Corbyn people are put forward and elected as conference delegates by your CLP. Every year there is a conference and delegates from the CLPs get to vote and make decisions on policies. Even new members can vote in these selections, so make sure whenever conference delegates are selected their is a pro-Corbyn candidate on the ballot.
Fourth, deselections. If you are unhappy with your MP, organize to deselect them. Read about it here .
Fifth, and a very important point, vote for Ann Black, Christine Shawcroft, Darren Williams, Rhea Wolfson, Claudia Webbe, and Peter Willman in the NEC elections.
The likelihood of a Corbyn future for the Labour party is still very possible but you must stay and fight. DO NOT LEAVE even if Corbyn loses the leadership election.

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