Predictably bankrupt Javid attacks Corbyn over Syria. Opens mouth, inserts foot

A predictable and ludicrous pattern has emerged in recent months, as the fear of the trouncing they expect in next month’s local elections looms in Tory minds.

Every domestic, or even international, controversy, disaster or atrocity is followed immediately by attempts by the Establishment to link Jeremy Corbyn to it.

When a Russian defector was attacked in Salisbury, Corbyn was labelled a ‘Kremlin stooge’ for insisting on an evidence-based approach to the UK’s response. The fact that these accusations are made by the Tory party, which has received huge donations from Russian oligarchs and by media that often have financial ties to Russia, is not allowed to dampen the nonsensical claims.

When a hateful Facebook comment is made, among tens of thousands in a group with no official connection to the Labour Party, right-wing media and politicians ask what Corbyn will do about it and demand that he shut down whichever group-that-doesn’t-belong-to-the-Labour-Party is in the ‘MSM’ crosshairs at that moment.

And when a chemical attack is alleged in Syria, Sajid Javid – simultaneously managing the trifecta of bankruptcy: moral, intellectual and political – tries ridiculously to exploit it to attack Corbyn’s Labour:

javid syria.png

And the ‘Kremlin press release‘- what does that say to so appal Javid?


Labour condemns the attack; calls for a full investigation; for anyone responsible to be brought to justice; for civilians to be protected; for humanitarian aid to be allowed in – and for peace.

Soviet bastards, eh?

But Mr Javid only exposed his own party’s soft, hypocritical underbelly on the topic of Syria – as on so much else.

In 2013, Jeremy Corbyn was co-sponsor of Early Day Motion 503, which called on the government to end the promotion and export of arms to authoritarian regimes – and particularly condemns Russia and Syria:


EDM 503 is just one of many times Corbyn has intervened in Parliament to censure Syria.

Javid, by contrast, appears never to have signed any early day motion – on any topic at all – in his entire parliamentary career, even as a back-bencher (front-benchers do not normally sign them).

In fact, his meaningful parliamentary contributions on the topic appear to be limited to asking a question once about the whereabouts of a wounded British journalist.

The government ignored EDM 503 and took no steps to curb the promotion or export of arms.

On the contrary, the following year it was revealed that it had allowed UK firms to sell the components required to produce the nerve-agent Sarin to the Syrian government.

The nerve-agent that was used to kill eighty Syrian civilians just over a year ago.



Could there be a clearer indicator of the Tories’ absolute bankruptcy of ideas and political ideas than their pavlovian enslavement to trying to use every bad thing that happens in the world to smear Corbyn by association – no matter what depths of hypocrisy they have to sink to?

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