Centrists’ party allies resigning in preparation for split?


Two weeks ago, The SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively the news that a right-wing Labour MP had told members at a constituency Labour party (CLP) meeting that a group of 12-20 Labour MPs were preparing to split off and form a new party – the MP claimed not to be one of them.

Last week, news broke that LibDem leader Cable – ironically – missed a key EU vote where the government avoided defeat by a cheating whisker because he was meeting unidentified persons to discuss the new party. The ‘usual suspects’ in the parliamentary Labour party (PLP) were present for the vote, so it seems likely that Cable was meeting right-wing former Labour donors and vampiric ex-advisers.

Cable’s party – floundering in spite of its anti-Brexit position – has infrastructure but little support. The new party will have media allies but no infrastructure. But genuine LibDem supporters will see their party taken over as a host for other interests. As writer Alex Nunns put it:

Also last week, reports emerged that one of Tony Blair’s former closest advisers was ringing around to various ‘celebrities’ to see whether they would be willing to stand as candidates for a new ‘centrist’ – i.e. what the right wing is called in the current distorted political landscape – party.

And at the same time, talk of the split has increased and firmed up markedly in senior Labour circles.

Now reports are reaching the SKWAWKBOX from a number of CLPs saddled with right-wing MPs that close allies of the MP have begun resigning from the Labour Party in unusual numbers.

More details are being dug out and will be published when ready, but it seems plausible and perhaps even likely that those allies are resigning in order to prepare the way for MPs who want to jump ship in the deluded expectation that they are personally popular and electable, rather than having retained or ridden into office last year on the back of the ‘Corbyn surge’.


If they go, it will be ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ and the Labour Party will be the better for their departure. However, the new party will be relying on – and probably receive – massive support from Establishment media to hide the fact that the whole venture is a desperation measure born out of a desire to prevent Corbyn becoming PM. Nobody should be fooled, but it remains to be seen how many will be.

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