Tories falling apart as MEP wants to execute ‘extreme’ remainers. Which is extreme…

A Tory MEP wants to ‘update’ the Treason Act to include execution for ‘extreme EU loyalty’.

David Bannerman tweeted this morning that those exhibiting too much loyalty to the European Union should be treated like jihadis if the law is updated to allow Islamic extremists to be tried as traitors. Although Bannerman later replaced his original tweet with one which did not specify that it was the mediaeval version of the Treason Act to which he was referring, as the original did:


Bannerman considers that those ‘working undemocratically against’ the UK are comparable with those taking up arms against it. Curiously, the Brexit-supporting MEP does not seem to consider that those who have – as already proven by the Electoral Commission – worked undemocratically for Brexit should suffer the same fate.

Unsurprisingly, he also retweets UKippers.

Twitter has responded to hate-speech complaints about the tweet by saying it does not breach guidelines.

Left-wing commentators were quick to point out the extent to which the Tories’ utter Brexit incompetence has reduced the UK’s standing – but some Brexiters were also appalled:

bannerman resp2bannerman resp1

Bannerman also retweets #MayMustGo tweets by other hardline Brexit ultras.

After over two years since the referendum result without any meaningful progress in what passes for its ‘negotiations’ with the EU, the Tory party is in utter disarray and devouring itself – no wonder the Establishment and its media are going to greater lengths than ever to smear Jeremy Corbyn.

Update 17.33hrs 25/7/18:

One reader objected that Mr Bannerman was not calling for executions, because the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 abolished the death penalty for treason.

However, Mr Bannerman’s original tweet called for an update to the Treason Act of 1372. In fact there is no Treason Act of that year, but the Treason Act of 1351 introduced the penalty of death by hanging, drawing and quartering.

Mediaeval punishment for treason was death by hideous means, so Mr Bannerman was being perfectly clear about what kind of outcomes he had in mind:

bannerman 1372.png

That tweet was subsequently replaced by one without the year, perhaps as a result of the backlash to the original.

The SKWAWKBOX is happy to clarify this point.

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