Mail’s disgrace: front-page Gaza Corbyn attack is fiction

The Daily Mail’s front page for tomorrow is a fiction, as the rag stoops to such depths in its desperation to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that it features an almost full-page misrepresentation of the deaths of forty-seven people in order to smear him:

mail front-page FAKE.jpg

The Mail’s headline claims the picture is of Corbyn laying a wreath ‘at graves of Munich terrorists’ – but the rag can’t even maintain the claim past the first paragraph, stating that instead he was ‘stand[ing] feet from the graves‘ – and that he was attending a “service to honour Palestinian ‘martyrs’”.

Not laying flowers ‘at the graves of terrorists’.

A Labour insider told the SKWAWKBOX the true story:

The ceremony that JC laid a wreath at was not for the Munich terrorists, it was for the Palestinian victims of an airstrike onTunis, where the PLO was based. The Munich people just happen to be in the same cemetery.

This is a reheated story from last year. JC said then:

“‘I was in Tunisia at a Palestinian conference and I spoke at that Palestinian conference and I laid a wreath to all those that had died in the air attack that took place on Tunis, on the headquarters of the Palestinian organisations there.

And I was accompanied by very many other people who were at a conference searching for peace.”

Was he honouring Bseiso (involved in Munich)? Not at all:

Absolutely not, we were searching for peace in the Middle East. The only way we achieve peace is by bringing people together and talking to them. That was the whole point of that conference, that’s been, frankly, the whole point of my life.

The Mail’s fake news, plastered huge across its front page, is a scandal.

But in reality it serves to shine a spotlight on the bankrupt behaviour of large parts of the ‘MSM’ since Corbyn became leader, as the BBC and the commercial outlets have continually misrepresented – and on occasion invented wholesale smears and accusations against – the Labour leader who has poured his life into promoting peace and combating bigotry.

A campaign of smears and fake news that has only intensified in recent months as the Establishment disgraces itself in its desperation to destroy his public image.

Update: analysis of the Mail’s images show no match between the images including Corbyn and the Mail’s images of the plaque for the Munich terrorists – in fact, there is a serious mismatch. Details here.

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