BBC ignores condemnation of Tory support for Hungary antisemitism

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As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Tory MEPs voted to support the ‘sovereign’ right of the Hungarian government run by the overtly-antisemitic Viktor Orbán to discriminate against women, minorities and migrants – including accommodating and actively promoting antisemitism.

The decision was condemned as ‘extremely concerning’ by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, but was met with frank outrage by LBC’s usually anti-Labour James O’Brien and former Tory chair Baroness Warsi:

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The BBC has treated every passing mention of antisemitism in the Labour Party as worthy of repeated features every half hour and sometimes more often – and the contrast with its treatment of undeniable complicity in antisemitism by the Tory party could not be more pronounced.

Complicity that is actually helping antisemitism to remain entrenched in the actual law and practice of a nation of ten million people.

The BBC’s 10pm news programme has just passed without a single mention of the Tory MEPs’ decision, let alone their justification of it as a defence of ‘sovereignty’.

The absence is not only on the news channel. A search of the BBC’s news and politics site for ‘Hungary’ currently returns a mention of the result of the vote to censure Hungary – but not one ‘hit’ about the Tory MEP group’s decision, nor of the reaction to it:

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The entire Tory group in the European Parliament says that Hungary has a ‘sovereign’ right to abuse Jews and other minority groups, not to mention to be sexist and corrupt – and it doesn’t merit a mention on one of the BBC’s two main news programmes nor even on its politics website.

Could it reek any more rankly of bias?

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