Centrist fake-news site still claiming rabbis’ letter fake long after proven genuine



Last week, the SKWAWKBOX published a letter signed by twenty-nine rabbis of London Orthodox Jewish congregations in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and condemning ‘irresponsible’ claims that Jewish citizens are considering leaving the UK if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.

The letter, clearly deeply inconvenient to those who have a political interest in painting such a picture, was almost immediately attacked as fake.

The Jewish Chronicle published an article claiming a ‘nascent’ London group had

confirm[ed] and clarif[ied] the letter is fake and bears no authority from the assigned names.

It turned out, of course, that the claims it was fake were themselves fake news – as the SKWAWKBOX knew all along, since the source was impeccable.

The Charedi source told this blog that the attempts to discredit the letter were:

A sad state of affairs and a commentary on the lengths to which some people will go. Of course the letter is genuine.

The Jewish Chronicle did not publish a correction, instead quietly amending its article and noting that the signatories they had spoken to had confirmed that they signed it.

Unsurprisingly, one source of the claims has not corrected and is still claiming the letter has been ‘revealed’ as a fake. The right-wing so-called ‘Red Roar’, known in many left circles as the ‘blue squeak’ for obvious reasons, had chosen to use the supposed fake as an opportunity to attack this blog:



The claim remains online, unamended, as of the time of publication.

The squeak has a well-known obsession with the SKWAWKBOX, presumably because of the rumoured involvement of laughably-termed ‘centrist’ political figures whose misdeeds this blog has exposed.

Hilariously, the squeak’s article still attacks the SKWAWKBOX for not amending its entirely factual claim:

squeak fake

It is not the first time that it has published fake news about this blog and has failed to correct even when exposed.

The new left media continue to discomfit the Establishment and its attempts to hit back are routinely inept. It seems Tories just don’t ‘get it’ – whether the blue or the ‘red’ variety.

Original squeak article archived here, in case of the unlikely event that it scrabbles to remove the incriminating evidence.

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