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The SKWAWKBOX continues to have a substantial impact on the UK’s political narrative and on the information available to the left and the wider public – in many cases bringing information that would not be available elsewhere.

The effectiveness and importance of that information can be seen in further Establishment attempts to restrict its circulation – and in its use, again, of this blog’s exclusives when it finds it convenient.

As a matter of policy, the SKWAWKBOX carries no advertising – we pay our hosting provider extra to eliminate it entirely – and relies entirely on the support of its readers. If you can afford to do so without hardship, please consider clicking here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal.

Below are some of the highlights since the last update. Which would be your top five?

  • exposed plans by ‘bitterites’ in the Labour Party to disrupt or sidetrack Labour’s conference, which starst next weekend
  • the dire attendance at the Tories’ second attempt at a ‘Tory Glasto’
  • exclusive results of the vital elections to Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) hours before the mainstream media had the information – and the right’s sour reaction
  • video of Theresa May’s attempt to dodge a parliamentary question about her undeclared meeting with a company at the centre of the referendum data scandal
  • the letter by London Orthodox rabbis supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and denouncing smears against him
  • debunking the attempts by right-wingers to dismiss the rabbis’ letter as fake – and the follow-up by one of its originators in a letter that the Jewish Chronicle declined to publish
  • revealing that the Jewish Chronicle had possessed for days proving the letter was genuine, while it continued to present claims to the contrary – and the outlet’s sudden publication of the evidence after the SKWAWKBOX contacted them about it
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  • revealing deputy Labour leader Tom Watson’s parliamentary meeting with ultra-critic of Corbyn’s Labour, Dan Hodges
  • news of manufactured antisemitism smears against TV-star-turned-candidate Cynthia Nixon – and the confession by Trump campaign head Paul Manafort that he had colluded with an Israeli official to build a similar smear campaign for political gain
  • exposing Sky News’ astonishing ‘forgetfulness‘ when it claimed right-wing Labour MPs had not attempted a leadership challenge in 2016
  • the condemnation by black and minority ethnic Labour MPs of Chuka Umunna’s exploitation of racism for political purposes
  • a series of exclusive updates on the status of Labour’s code of conduct and the adoption of the IHRA antisemitism examples
  • an exclusive statement by NEC member Ann Black that she would have supported a deferred statement on free speech
  • updated figures as Labour’s membership surged in response to the smear campaigns against party leader Jeremy Corbyn
  • a letter from a Jewish Wirral councillor to now ex-Labour MP Frank Field challenging his smears against the party
  • the damning no-confidence letter sent by a branch in Field’s constituency about his behaviour and attitude
  • a dissection of a follow-up smear by the Daily Mail – and the information it had, but decided to leave out
  • a statement from Louise Ellman’s Liverpool Riverside CLP denouncing her smears against the party
  • video exposing the nonsense of right-wing Labour MP John Mann’s claim to have the ‘unequivocal’ support of his local constituency party (CLP) – and his alleged threat to ‘throw’ an election if a branch did not withdraw its motion of censure against him. Mann inadvertently confirmed he had threatened to sue members if they revealed the discussion
  • details of the no-confidence vote planned against Enfield North MP Joan Ryan, her allies’ unsuccessful attempts to prevent it – and then not only the result as she lost it, but the aftermath including threats of violence and murder by a Ryan supporter
  • the full details of the Ryan no-confidence motion
  • details of the ‘choreographed‘ smear campaign against Labour members in Wirral, after the SKWAWKBOX had exposed the surprising authorship of a councillor’s resignation letter and other manoeuvres – and the police bulletin seeking its author in connection with an assault

Thank you for your solidarity!

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