Leasehold Scandal

Labour needs to shout louder. As Government and local planning teams strive to meet targets for new housing, corporate greed has created a legacy of abuses that provide profit for the few and misery for the many. Thousands of people across the country (and particularly in North West England and London) have found themselves caught […]

Marginal Meltdown

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece for Labour Insider about the Parliamentary selection in Southampton Itchen CLP. People tell me not to be paranoid about goings on in Southampton and Romsey Labour Party. Apparently the various instances of bullying, and rule-breaking, which members on the left of the party have sought to […]

Progress Para?

Muddle in a Marginal: Labour Parliamentary Selection Questions Labour is currently selecting its Parliamentary candidate for Southampton Itchen, the most marginal of all Conservative seats (majority just 32 votes in 2017). As a member of the Labour Party in that constituency, I am not sure that things are going well. In the last couple of […]

Conservative Eugenicists

There is now a worrying question being whispered in the corridors of power of left-learning politics. People of note are whispering, are the eugenicists back? Something doesn’t come from nothing. But between there being something and nothing there is mix of gas and matter that should alert us to the potential of a big bang […]

Who cares?

In their 2017 General Election manifesto the Labour Party pledged to abolish zero hours contracts. As a Labour Party member, and a care worker on a zero hours contract, this policy is of particular importance to me. As a care worker, I am part of a workforce that is primarily made up of working class […]

Copeland Fallout

Jeremy Corbyn has given a clear response to Labour’s defeat in the Copeland By-Election, telling the Daily Mirror “Labour’s share of the vote in Copeland has been falling for 20 years and of course I take my share of responsibility”. Corbyn also said “If we stand together, I am confident we can turn back the […]

Save British Children

There is a shaming secret that we do not speak about in the UK, and that is, that we have designed and implemented immigration rules whereby British children are prohibited from living in their own country, the UK, and hence are blocked from receiving education and health services in the UK which are of course […]

Chicken Coup Part Deux

Labour Insider has been told from a credible and reliable source from within the Labour Party’s so-called “Moderate” grouping, that should Corbyn’s Labour fail to win both the Copeland, and, Stoke by-elections on the 23rd February, they will stand another challenger against his leadership. The message from Labour Insider to all Corbyn supporters is to […]

Corbyn Has Risen

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn continued his relaunch with his most impressive speech to date as leader of the Labour Party. In a speech lasting just under half an hour Corbyn spoke straight from the heart with passion and integrity, as a he spanned the length and breadth of core Labour issues whilst in the audience of […]

Copeland Explained

With the resignation of Jamie Reed MP, a by-election has been triggered in the constituency of Copeland. It will take place in the New Year. But what will the results mean? Anti-Corbyn people have been quick to call it a referendum on Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. Brexiteers have wasted no time in trying […]