Hodges leaps to defend McKenzie misogyny – and doubles down

Tory commentator Dan Hodges never wastes an opportunity to have a pop at Corbyn’s Labour – and has an uncanny track record for getting it completely wrong. He doesn’t let that discourage him – as can be seen by his readiness to excuse the vilest misogyny this evening. Labour First trainer and Lewisham East CLP […]

Labour First trainer, Lewisham East CLP Chair’s vile sex-slave tweets with Labour complaints team

Ian McKenzie is Chair of Lewisham East CLP (constituency Labour party), secretary of Lewisham LCF (Labour local campaign forum) and a die-hard anti-Corbyn factionalist. In the wake of yesterday’s candidate selection for the Lewisham East by-election, McKenzie has been claiming two-time Corbyn voter Janet Daby as a win for the right, even though the right’s […]

Video: HIGNFY uses SKWAWKBOX meme. No credit (again)

This week’s BBC Have I Got News for You (HIGNFY) programme featured a discussion of the now well-known term ‘gammon’. It also featured the SKWAWKBOX meme that has become indelibly linked with the term. Not for the first time, the ‘MSM’ has used original SKWAWKBOX material with no credit: Ben Davis did indeed tweet the image […]

Left positive as Daby selected for #LewishamEast

Lewisham’s deputy mayor Janet Daby has been selected to stand for Labour in the Lewisham East by-election, after a chaos-strewn hustings and vote. Ms Daby was supported by the right, but the fact that a candidate who voted for Corbyn in both leadership elections has won the selection is far from a disaster for the […]

Excl: more MSM fake news – Formby, not Murphy, kept Sheikh on #LewishamEast ballot

Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby On a chaotic morning of wildly conflicting accounts about the selection hustings for the Lewisham East by-election, left-wing candidate Sakina Sheikh was reported to be stepping down because of a previous membership of a rival organisation. As the SKWAWKBOX has exclusively reported, she was never a member and had merely […]

Breaking: ignore fake MSM news – Sakina Sheikh never a TBTC member #LewishamEast

Chaos broke out this morning when ‘news’ emerged that Sakina Sheikh, a candidate for selection to stand for Labour in the Lewisham East by-election, had previously been a member of rival political group Take back the City (TBTC) while also a Labour member. If true, it would have been a breach of Labour’s rules. It was […]

Breaking: Sheikh ON Lewisham East ballot

In a reversal even more dramatic than the original events, Sakina Sheikh has been kept on the Lewisham East selection ballot for Labour’s by-election candidacy. Rumours abound that some of Ms Sheikh’s supporters had left the hustings in process, but sources inside the room now say this is not the case. News to follow. The SKWAWKBOX […]

Sick of royal wedding? Liverpool’s ‘F*** the Royals’ event raising money for Foodbanks

Sound in Liverpool (image: Google Maps) The thought of public money paying for this wedding when people are actually hungry in this country is just something we couldn’t bear. The BBC’s and other Establishment media’s coverage of the royal wedding has been at saturation level and is non-stop this morning. As surveys indicate as many […]

Sheikh situation reverses again

This article originally stated that Sakina Sheikh had dramatically stepped down from the Lewisham East contest to select Labour’s parliamentary by-election. Even more dramatically, Ms Sheikh is on the ballot – but some of her supporters had left the hustings in protest. See this update for the latest. The SKWAWKBOX needs your support. This blog is provided […]

Excl: full interview with Lewisham East shortlist candidate Claudia Webbe

Claudia Webbe On Wednesday, the SKWAWKBOX published an exclusive interview with Sakina Sheikh, one of two main left candidates in the contest to replace Heidi Alexander as the candidate and then MP for Lewisham East. Today, Claudia Webbe spoke to this blog at length about her views, politics and motivations in standing for the candidacy. […]