You’ll never guess who accepted a lift from Derby MP Chris Williamson

Derby North MP Chris Williamson Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger is known as one of the most vocal commenters – many would say ‘trolls’ – against the supposed ‘hard left’ and on the issue of alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party. He has denied being linked to one of the worst troll groups, ‘Labour against antisemitism’ (LAAS), […]

Left takes clean sweep in Pidcock’s CLP – as Blairites skip AGM… to listen to Blair

Last May, the right-wing site known colloquially as the blue squeak published a typically snide and inaccurate article about the election of a right-wing chair in North-West Durham (NWD) CLP (constituency Labour party), the seat represented in Parliament by the excellent Laura Pidcock. The article, no doubt leaked by one of the CLP’s right-wingers, claimed […]

Interview: Patrick Hunter for Hendon. Hustings/vote this afternoon

  Patrick Hunter This afternoon in Hendon, local members will vote to select the constituency’s next parliamentary candidate. The seat is a marginal, won by Tory Matthew Offord last year by only 1,072 votes. The SKWAWKBOX spoke to one of the shortlisted candidates, Patrick Hunter, a no-nonsense Irishman who hasn’t lost his brogue in spite […]

Red Labour backs CLPD slate for NCC

In the important elections for six additional members of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC), the Labour Party’s senior disciplinary body, the party’s left faces a choice between two ‘slates’ of candidates – or more accurately one and a half slates, as three candidates appear on both – put forward by Momentum on the one hand […]

Left mobilising against far-right DFLA in London today

Left-wing organisations are mobilising their members to march against the far-right group ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’ (DFLA) in London today in a demonstration of what the left can achieve in unity. Following John McDonnell’s call for a new anti-nazi league, trade unions, Momentum, community leaders and other progressive organisations at the counter-demonstration in Westminster. Momentum […]

W Mids Labour First gathers for Mann dinner speech. If you’re a leftie, be thankful

Comment Right-wing Labour John Mann was guest speaker last week at the annual dinner of West Midlands Labour First – held at the Brandhall Labour Club stronghold of Labour First MP John Spellar: Somehow, against all odds and expectation, the event kept a low profile. Mr Mann was his usual riveting self: The audience reaction […]

CLPD statement on northern candidate stepping down indicates new pick likely

On Friday Kaneez Akhtar, one of the six candidates on CLPD’s slate for the National Constitutional Committee elections announced that she was stepping down, adding: I believe all Labour Party national committees should reflect its membership and its representatives should come from various geographical areas. I fully support the IHRA definition of antisemitism and was […]

Drakeford gains Unite and NUM S Wales endorsements for Welsh Labour leader

Mark Drakeford, who last week launched his campaign for the Welsh Labour leadership with a statement of socialist solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn, has made a strong start to his campaign, winning two key union endorsements. Drakeford’s endorsement by Unite has been confirmed this evening, with congratulations tweeted by Welsh regional secretary Peter Hughes, general secretary […]

CLPD: new statement re NCC slates

CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) has published a new statement on the separate slates that it and Momentum are promoting in the current election of six additional members of the NCC (National Constitutional Committee), Labour’s senior disciplinary body. CLPD alongside all the other organisations that have been taking part in the CLGA discussions, aside […]

CLPD-backed NCC candidate drops out but comments don’t add up

CLPD-backed NCC candidate Kaneez Akhtar has stepped down from the election, citing a wish for unity. However, some of the commentary around her decision does not add up. LabourList surmised: The statement implicitly agrees with the criticism levelled at the CLPD slate by Jon Lansman and other members of Labour’s national executive committee (NEC) yesterday. After […]