Excl: Kinnock – “I plan to vote against May’s Brexit deal”, not just abstain

Stephen Kinnock Centrist Labour MP Stephen Kinnock told Sky News this morning that he and other centrists ‘can’t vote for that‘ – ‘that‘ being Theresa May’s ‘truckload of fudge‘ Brexit deal. However, Kinnock – and a number of other centrists who had tweeted using similar wording about their intention not to support May’s deal – […]

Four Labour MPs who didn’t support Labour’s tax rise for the richest 5% last week

Four Labour MPs who ignored the whip and abstained In the votes on Philip Hammond’s budget last week, the Establishment media chose to focus on twenty ‘moderate’ MPs whose decision to vote against a planned rise in tax thresholds was a slap in the face for some of the UK’s lowest earners – but was […]

The Lab MPs who abstained/voted against giving Parliament Brexit say – Tory non-rebels still to blame

The Commons Chamber during today’s Brexit debate (image: ParliamentLive TV) Earlier today, the government narrowly defeated an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill that would have given Parliament its proper democratic say – Brexit was, after all, about taking back control – on whatever Brexit deal or excuse for a deal Theresa May eventually presents. […]

The 205 Lab MPs who supported Corbyn call for parliament to approve military action

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn Today in the House of Commons, after a debate in which a number of centrist back-benchers again disgraced themselves, two hundred and five of Labour’s two hundred and fifty nine MPs backed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s emergency debate for parliamentary approval to be required before the UK launches military action. Corbyn […]