Mandatory selection set to pass conference with Unite backing

As the SKWAWKBOX reported yesterday, Unite insiders – one of the UK’s and Labour’s largest unions – say that the union is set to get firmly behind changes to party rules to bring in ‘mandatory reselection’ (MR) of Labour MPs. Activists, along with MPs such as Chris Williamson, have been campaigning for the change to […]

Two short videos show how Establishment fools nation Labour and Tories ‘all the same’ on Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn took Theresa May to task on Monday afternoon about her government’s Brexit incompetence, her failure to control the egos of her competing Cabinet ministers and the two years she has taken over the government’s Brexit White Paper – and has still produced… nothing. It was a studied and forensic dissection of the woeful performance of May […]

Enjoyed Danny Dyer’s Cameron-Brexit rant? Here’s the free ringtone (bleeped/unbleeped)

Danny Dyer Danny Dyer achieved cult-hero status in the eyes of many on ITV’s Good Evening Britain last night by expressing a very forthright opinion about the Tories’ confusion on Brexit and former PM David Cameron’s failure to take responsibility for his decision to call Brexit for internal Tory political purposes: Dyer seemed to tap into […]

The rule-change campaign every left Labour member needs to support and promote

A new campaign has been launched to promote awareness of a vital rule-change that has been proposed by Labour International (LI) CLP (constituency Labour party) for a vote at Labour’s annual conference this autumn in Liverpool. The Open Selection site describes its aims: A VITAL STEP FOR LABOUR DEMOCRACY This campaign is being organised by […]

“It’s a whirlwind” – exclusive interview with Lewisham East shortlist candidate Sakina Sheikh

Sakina Sheikh is one of four candidates shortlisted by Labour’s National Executive Committee for the Lewisham East by-election triggered by Heidi Alexander’s departure to the London mayor’s office. She is a newly-elected Lewisham councillor and is backed by Momentum. SKWAWKBOX: Thanks for making time to chat, you must be having a bit of a whirlwind […]

Video: Lammy makes Rudd’s position untenable – pointing out all she claims not to know

Labour back-bencher David Lammy has been widely praised for his part in Labour’s pressure on Theresa May’s ‘human shield‘ over the Windrush scandal, Home Secretary Amber Rudd – and this morning he may have driven a big nail into the coffin of her career. Just by pointing out, with calm gravitas, what she claims she […]

Video: May has a ‘Windrush problem’ – she knew they were citizens and did it anyway

Theresa May attempted to extricate herself – and her partner in crime Amber Rudd – from the scandal of the racist abuse of the Windrush generation by repeating a probably focus-grouped mantra ad nauseam: They are British. They are part of us. Perhaps she was hoping we wouldn’t notice. But as Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy pointed […]

Video: Sky says what BBC won’t – May pressured to resign, Rudd her likely human shield

The government – and Theresa May personally – have been in disarray this week as public outrage and international humiliation over the Tories’ treatment of ‘Windrush generation’ citizens have snowballed, as more and more information has come to light and successive attempts to deflect or hide blame have failed, in spite of attempts by much […]

Video: Butler accuses May and govt of racism – “an apology is not good enough”

Shadow Women’s and Equalities Minister Dawn Butler appeared on Sky News this morning to discuss Theresa May’s immigration policies and her treatment of the ‘Windrush generation’ of UK citizens, who have been shamefully hounded by May’s specific policies, which in 2014 withdrew protections they enjoyed under 1973 immigration legislation. The interview was explosive: Nailing May’s […]

Butler’s scathing letter to May over Windrush PMQs lie

Labour MP Dawn Butler Yesterday in the Commons, Theresa May scored a cheap point during Prime Minister’s Questions by giving a dishonest answer to Jeremy Corbyn’s question about the destruction of the landing cards of the ‘Windrush generation’. May claimed the decision to destroy the cards had been taken in 2009 under a Labour government. […]