Independent-minded left Dyer replaces Labour First’s Cosin as Labour’s NCC chair

A little-marked change today will have a significant impact on the confidence of Labour members in the handling of serious disciplinary matters. Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) is the party’s ultimate disciplinary body, with the power to expel members referred to it by the National Executive Committee (NEC) without right of appeal except for recourse […]

Open selection moves closer as Unite’s Beckett voices support. You can help

Howard Beckett speaking at last year’s TUC conference While Momentum and many CLPs (constituency Labour parties) have been raising awareness and backing for open selection, Labour insiders and activists feel that Chuka Umunna’s recent statements reflect an attempt by right-wingers to hold the membership to ransom with threats of a break-away party in a bid […]

Enfield N ‘ploy’ to rule out Ryan no-confidence motion fails

As the SKWAWKBOX published exclusively on Sunday, members of Enfield North CLP (constituency Labour party) tabled a motion of no confidence in their MP, Joan Ryan, accusing her of making false accusations of antisemitism and bringing the party into disrepute. Ms Ryan publicly dismissed the motion, which was to be debated at tomorrow’s CLP meeting, […]

Excl video: Mann’s ‘unequivocal vote of confidence’ was ‘underhand’ CLP meeting with protest walk-out

John Mann’s face during his CLP’s ‘unequivocal vote of confidence’ The tweet On Sunday, Bassetlaw MP John Mann tweeted smugly about the ‘unequivocal vote of confidence‘ he had received from his local members: The protest If it seems odd that his CLP (constituency Labour party) was meeting on a Sunday, that’s because it is – […]

“Frankly fed up” – newly-elected, Jewish Wirral councillor responds to Field’s resignation smear

Newly-elected Labour councillor Jo Bird, left, with Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey Now-ex Labour MP Frank Field announced yesterday that he was resigning the Labour whip with the intention of remaining in Parliament as an independent MP. In spite of his recent claimed conversion to the sovereignty of constituents over party members – he is on […]

Breaking: neither IHRA examples nor Code+ on 4 Sep NEC agenda

Several NEC members have told the SKWAWKBOX that neither the addition of the remaining ‘IHRA examples‘ to Labour’s Code of Conduct nor the strengthening of protections for free speech and the rights of Palestinians are on the agenda for 4 September – contrary to the confident claims of the mainstream media. There are in fact two meetings on […]

One of the most important videos for Labour members to watch this week

Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool is less than a month away and will discuss and vote on a number of important issues, particularly the recommendations of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Democracy Review’ (DR), which are due to be discussed by the National Executive Committee (NEC) next week before passing to Conference for ratification. But one vital step […]

Crick complained – wrongly – no cameras at Corbyn speech. There was no Crick there either

On Wednesday evening, as Jeremy Corbyn prepared to give his landmark speech on Thursday morning in Edinburgh about the remaking of the media landscape he will undertake in power, mainstream journalists attacked the supposed fact that no cameras would be allowed at the speech and that the venue would distribute clips after the event. Channel […]

MSM whined couldn’t get a camera into Corbyn speech. They got one – and aren’t showing it. Here it is

Jeremy Corbyn speaking today in Edinburgh The mainstream media, unsurprisingly, is less than thrilled about Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to democratise, and improve the transparency of… the mainstream media. One of the tactics used yesterday to try to disparage Corbyn’s plan – which he announced today during his “Alternative Mactaggart Lecture” at the Edinburgh TV festival […]

Breaking: Corbyn plans huge media shake-up when in power. #ChangeTheMedia

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn set a cat among mainstream media pigeons earlier this year when he responded to their laughable ‘Czech spy’ smears by warning them that “change is coming”. The exponential increase in smears since then suggests that the ‘MSM’ were deeply worried. Now Corbyn will set out ideas for “building a free and […]