‘Alternative-universe Newsnight’ video tells the reform our NHS really needs

Last week the BBC’s Newsnight programme broadcast an unchallenged opinion piece by opaquely-funded think-tank the IEA, which routinely promotes ‘reform’ of the NHS that appears to be all about privatisation and ‘americanisation’ of the NHS. NHS campaigners were not given any right of reply, let alone an uncontested slot of several minutes. The video below, […]

Breaking video: Hunt admits ‘incompetence’ cost hundreds of womens’ lives. #HuntMustGo

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt – inexplicably to many observers – not only survived Theresa May’s last Cabinet reshuffle, but gained an expanded title. NHS-watchers were horrified that the man on whose watch the NHS has fallen into permanent crisis was protected yet again. Today, he appeared before MPs to make a shocking admission of further […]