Coyne v Unite judgment: a litany of humiliation for ‘improper’ right-winger

Gerard Coyne, former leadership challenger whose legal case against Unite has been thrown out As the SKWAWKBOX broke on Friday, Gerard Coyne’s legal challenge to the result of last year’s Unite general secretary election failed utterly – as the SKWAWKBOX predicted nine months ago – when the Certification Officer, retired judge Jeffrey Burke, struck down all […]

Landmark report: 95 serious ‘failures’ in MSM reporting of ‘Labour antisemitism’

A landmark new report by an academic from London’s Birkbeck University and the Media Reform Coalition has analysed mainstream media coverage of the Labour Party’s alleged issues around antisemitism. Its conclusions may shock even the most cynical observer of the behaviour of the ‘MSM’. The report, which takes a scholarly and carefully constrained approach that […]

Mail fake news exposed again – Corbyn wasn’t there on date wreath laid for ‘Munich terrorists’

Last weekend was a Corbyn smear-fest at the Daily Mail, with accusations made as ridiculous as that Corby attended the wedding of someone who allegedly – he has denied it – went on to do something four years later. But the Mail’s big splash was the claimed ‘scoop’ – even though the allegation was also made […]

Excl: Mail’s ‘terrorist grave’ pics – ‘NO match to Corbyn wreath images’

It’s been a weekend of desperate Corbyn smears by the Mail. Today’s Mail on Sunday attacks Corbyn for attending the wedding of a man who is then alleged to have done something four years later. On Saturday, the rag showed a series of images it claimed proved that Jeremy Corbyn had laid a wreath at the grave […]

Mandatory selection set to pass conference with Unite backing

As the SKWAWKBOX reported yesterday, Unite insiders – one of the UK’s and Labour’s largest unions – say that the union is set to get firmly behind changes to party rules to bring in ‘mandatory reselection’ (MR) of Labour MPs. Activists, along with MPs such as Chris Williamson, have been campaigning for the change to […]

The NEC members who could have recorded Willsman comments are a short list

Peter Willsman When the leaked, 51-second audio of comments by veteran left-wing NEC member – and candidate in the current election for nine members to serve the next two years – Peter Willsman were published yesterday by the Jewish Chronicle (JC), a storm of outrage was whipped up to demand Willsman’s suspension or resignation. Why […]

Video: OFOC’s Milligan claims Corbyn-supporter status on #BBCDP. Really?

Tess Milligan today Anti-Brexit OFOC’s (Our Future Our Choice) Tess Milligan appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics today in a debate with Novara’s Aaron Bastani about the company’s – or ‘grassroots movement’, depending on your viewpoint . – demonstration at last Saturday’s LabourLive event. The show’s presenter accepted uncritically OFOC’s claim that its people were thrown […]

OPCW completes Douma mission

  The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has completed its fact-finding mission to the Syrian town of Douma, site of an alleged – but disputed – chemical weapon attack in March. The OPCW issued a statement advising it will take around a month weeks to complete its analysis – but warning it […]

Coyne’s post-defeat email recycles dead horses, signals intent to keep flogging them

  Gerard Coyne Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX covered the decision of the Certification Officer to throw out, as unreasonable, former Unite challenger Gerard Coyne’s ill-judged attempt to annul the General Secretary election in which he failed, last year, to oust Len McCluskey. Coyne has emailed his supporters signalling, as expected, that he is likely to […]

UK’s NATO letter re Salisbury/Russia betrays flimsy case, contradicts earlier claims

The mainstream media have generally attempted to spin the OPCW’s (Office for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) equivocal support for Porton Down’s analysis of the toxin used in the Salisbury attack as if it proves the government’s case against Russia. Only the report’s executive summary has been released to the public – and that does […]