McVey didn’t misrepresent only Mind on Monday. She went full Trump with her charity quotes

McVey: going full Trump (image by @UKDemockery) On Monday, Esther McVey reeled off a list of charities and their comments, which she treated as praise for the DWP’s plans for Universal Credit (UC): Her comments were a litany of misrepresentation – and triggered a scramble by charities to distance themselves from her and her claims […]

Video: Blair, Brown – and Tory – govts ‘appalling’, ‘inexcusable’ on ‘horrific’ torture

An image of a rendered prisoner by artist Banksy (image: Eadmundo, Wikimedia Commons) A damning report issued by the House of Commons’ Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) finds the UK government and intelligence services guilty of knowing collusion in the rendition and torture of prisoners by the US. The ISC reports: 198 cases of UK intelligence […]