Video: the absolute state of May’s attempt not to admit EU CAN keep UK in ‘backstop’

Theresa May on Ridge this morning, trying not to answer the question After Jeremy Corbyn’s assured and authentic performance on Sky News’ Ridge this morning, Sophie Ridge interviewed Theresa May – and the result was the fidgety, shifty avoidance and dense nonsense you’d expect. Especially when it came to the contentious ‘backstop‘ in May’s dismal excuse […]

Video: May lies about AggregateIQ undeclared-meeting PMQ – and dodges it again

May’s discomfort at Deirdre Brock’s AIQ question Theresa May’s dire performance at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) has drawn plenty of comment – if your best weapon is a smear by Chuka Umunna, it’s clear you’re in trouble. But one scene that hasn’t seen much attention is the question asked of May by SNP […]

Vid: Green lets slip what May won’t admit – Tories to raise ALL taxes to pay for their NHS incompetence

Disgraced ex-Cabinet minister Damian Green appeared on the BBC’s Question Time last night and gave away more than he was probably meant to. Theresa May – and her chancellor Philip Hammond – has mentioned tax rises as part of her claimed additional investment in the NHS – which the Tories have spent the last eight years […]

Video: Gav Williamson’s priceless faces as Madeley terminates interview for non-response

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was out of luck this morning. Under normal circumstances, Tory ministers expect a free ride when they appear on mainstream broadcasts – afforded an unchallenged opportunity to reel off soundbites and give answers to a different question whenever one is posed that they find uncomfortable. Not so today on ITV’s Good Morning […]

Leaked letter shows Atos incentivising staff for VOLUME of disability claimant assessments

Atos is a French-based company that holds contracts with the UK government to carry out billions of pounds worth of services But not without controversy. The government announced in 2014 that a contract Atos had with the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) for ‘fitness to work’ assessments was being terminated early, after concerns over ‘significant […]

Video: Maybot ‘campaigns’ in Dudley. ‘Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed’

Theresa May ‘campaigning’ Theresa May went ‘campaigning’ in the West Midlands borough of Dudley this evening. It seems she has learned nothing from last year – or perhaps her handlers have learned that there’s simply nothing better she’s capable of doing: Mrs May reportedly arrived by helicopter, landing on a nearby golf course. So urgent […]

Video: May tells May – step up, stop blaming others and resign

The 2004 Theresa May in opposition has a message for the 2018 Theresa May in government: ‘step up, take responsibility, stop blaming others – and resign‘. In a remarkable twist of fate, May appeared on BBC Question Time when she was the Shadow Minister for Transport and the Environment in opposition, to tell then Immigration […]