Leading BAME MPs slam Umunna’s exploitation of racism

At the weekend, right-wing Labour back-bencher Chuka Umunna, perhaps rattled by the visit of his well-known and popular colleague Chris Williamson’s ‘Democracy Roadshow’ to his constituency a few days before, followed up his ‘dogs’ attack on Labour’s pro-Corbyn membership majority by telling broadcasters that Labour is ‘institutionally racist’. The comments have been widely interpreted as […]

Cowardly May daren’t even follow through on attempt to flee Parliament early

After her humiliating surrender to her extremist Brexiteers yesterday, in which she whipped her MPs to defeat her own proposals, Theresa May tried to pull a dodge to allow her to flee Parliament early, before her own remainers could bring her down. May tabled a motion to break for Parliament’s summer recess on Thursday – five […]

The 4 Labour MPs who ‘just saved Theresa May’

Theresa May survived a serious threat this evening when an amendment to the government’s trade bill was defeated by 307 votes to 301. The amendment, tabled by Tory remainers livid at May’s humiliating capitulation yesterday to her ‘Brextremist’ back-benchers, would have forced the government to default to membership of the EU’s customs union if it […]

Video: Bercow exposes May’s double cowardice in response to point of order

The SKWAWKBOX last night covered Theresa May’s extraordinary, even unprecedented, weakness and cowardice when she not only whipped Tory MPs to defeat her own Brexit proposals to placate ‘extreme-Brexit Ultras’ on her own back benches, but also then tabled a motion to close Parliament five days early in order to avoid the coup she must […]

Video: May flaps as she’s exposed not knowing or understanding own Chequers Brexit ‘deal’

The BBC’s Andrew Marr is not known for intense, probing questioning of Tory politicians – especially Theresa May – and his interview with her yesterday morning was only fitfully interesting. However, one particular exchange that was of interest and for which he deserves credit exposed the extent of May’s utter ineptitude over Brexit – as well […]

“Not time to talk elections” – hear Kinnock ready to ‘unite’ with May ‘in national interest’

Stephen Kinnock as last year’s general election exit poll was announced. On Tuesday morning, the SKWAWKBOX highlighted the right-wing ‘centrist’ Labour MPs – all of whom happen to have a record of trying to remove party leader Jeremy Corbyn – who are expressing a willingness to prop up Theresa May’s collapsing government. ‘In the national […]

‘Centrist’ u-turn on cards as ‘Labour’ back-benchers consider shoring up May?

Since news broke of Brexit Secretary David Davis’ resignation, media ‘outriders’ for so-called ‘centrist’ Labour MPs have been increasingly claiming the country needs a ‘national government’. The subsequent resignation of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary will do nothing to quell those calls. Rumours among Labour insiders are increasing that right-wing backbenchers who have until now […]

E Mids Lab MP tells members breakaway party to launch

No prizes for guessing… An East Midlands Labour MP told constituents at a CLP (constituency Labour party) meeting last night that a group of ’12-20′ Labour MPs is about to announce they are splitting off to form a new centrist party. The group is expected to be led by a London MP with a taste […]

BBC’s outright fake news tonight on Douma ‘chlorine attack’

The BBC has been freely critical of Russia Today/RT, Iran’s Press TV and other similar state broadcasters, routinely hosting ‘talking heads’ who dismiss those broadcasters as mere mouthpieces. Tonight, the BBC dropped any pretence that it is any different or better with an astonishingly misleading article about the OPCW‘s (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) […]

Today, Labour MPs have a chance to put UK people ahead of narrow factional interests

This afternoon, members of Parliament of all parties vote again on the issue of a ‘meaningful vote’ for Parliament on any deal between the UK and the EU when this country leaves the EU next spring. The amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill today presents an opportunity to fight for a workers’ Brexit instead of […]