Video: May, Rudd debate during #PMQs who resign. Even BBC says both in play

Jeremy Corbyn – as even a prominent Labour right-winger acknowledged today – hammered Theresa May during Prime Minister’s Questions over the issue of the hugely-abused Windrush generation: Corbyn relentlessly pushed May over her and her successor as Home Secretary’s conscious and racist mistreatment of UK citizens legally in this country – and rounded off by demanding […]

Another busy couple of weeks – please support if you can

Since the last Skwawkbox update, here is a selection of the information we’ve either brought to our readers exclusively, or helped to force the mainstream media to acknowledge in their narrative: the fact that the Novichok poison used in Salisbury can be made by other countries and even by non-state actors was finally acknowledged on […]

Video: ‘German BBC2’ – Douma gas attack probably staged

ZDF is the German equivalent to BBC2 reporter on the ground spoke to Douma refugees in Harjallah majority speak of chlorine containers on the ground in Douma before air attack say normal military bombardment exploded containers even spoke of ‘practice runs’ filmed for release after attack ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen or ‘Second German Television’) is the […]

BBC admits lying to us for over 60 years about Security Service link

BBC executive Alan Dawnay, right, who instigated the ‘formalities’ A remarkable BBC article, published yesterday, has removed the lid from over sixty years of intentional deception of the British public by the nation’s broadcaster. For decades from 1933, the BBC worked hand in glove with the Security Service to ‘vet’ job applicants to keep out […]

Video: unbelievable – S*n political editor – “you can’t point to anything we’ve said untrue”

You seriously couldn’t make this up. In a BBC exchange with Faiza Shaheen, the director of the Class think-tank, the S*n’s political editor – with a straight face – claims that she couldn’t “point to a single thing we’ve ever said that was untrue”. Ms Shaheen’s face tells its own story:   In case Mr […]

Video: May tells May – step up, stop blaming others and resign

The 2004 Theresa May in opposition has a message for the 2018 Theresa May in government: ‘step up, take responsibility, stop blaming others – and resign‘. In a remarkable twist of fate, May appeared on BBC Question Time when she was the Shadow Minister for Transport and the Environment in opposition, to tell then Immigration […]

Butler’s scathing letter to May over Windrush PMQs lie

Labour MP Dawn Butler Yesterday in the Commons, Theresa May scored a cheap point during Prime Minister’s Questions by giving a dishonest answer to Jeremy Corbyn’s question about the destruction of the landing cards of the ‘Windrush generation’. May claimed the decision to destroy the cards had been taken in 2009 under a Labour government. […]

Video: former head of civil service damns Tories over #Windrush handling and policies

Sir Bob Kerslake, the former head of the civil service, appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight programme tonight to talk about the government’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policies, the Tories’ attempts to blame civil servants for the huge controversy of government decisions to destroy crucial documents and their treatment of immigrants generally. It’s hard to imagine a former […]

Video: May just lied to House and nation re Windrush – and BBC is promoting it. #PMQs

Theresa May appears to have just lied outright to the House of Commons and to the whole country. Challenged by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about the decision to destroy landing cards – proof of the legal immigration of thousands of ‘Windrush generation’ immigrants from the Caribbean and elsewhere in the Commonwealth, May told MPs during […]

Video: Marr to Corbyn “it’s strange – the people agree with you on Syria!” Easy to see why

There was an interesting little passage this morning on the BBC’s Marr show during Andrew Marr’s interview with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, in which the presenter hinted that he found the UK public a bit baffling – because they agree with Corbyn on Syria. Corbyn’s response will resonate with a big majority of us – and […]