Latest poll: SEVEN-point swing as Labour climbs two while Tories dive by five

If you’ve noticed a lot of suddenly-bald ‘centrists’, Tories and media editors around, it just might have something to do with the latest poll from Number Cruncher Politics. The ‘shock’ poll shows Labour leading the Tories after a seven-point swing*, with the Tories tumbling by five points while Labour climbed by two compared to the organisation’s […]

Video: Ellman ‘appalled’ to find out Corbyn at 2010 Meyer event – that she personally attended

LFI vice-chair and Labour MP Louise Ellman has been at the forefront of much of the loud criticism of the party and its leader over alleged antisemitism, appearing regularly on programmes to express her dismay. The latest manifestation of that criticism is a claim that he acted somehow inappropriately in arranging an event at which […]

Labour’s Lewis talks about all-white ‘balanced’ parliamentary committee

Clive Lewis This week the House of Commons announced a new committee formed specifically to scrutinise Brexit-related legislation – and proudly announced its balance: The tweet lauded the gender balance of the committee – but the composite image it published of the members was conspicuous for something else. Labour MP Clive Lewis spotted it: Fifty-two […]

More Enfield councillors join calls for full NEC investigation into alleged rigging

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the battle in the London borough of Enfield between a broad coalition of Labour members and officials from all wings of the party and a group they claim has taken over the council by anti-democratic means. Those means included huge departures from proper procedure in the selection of council […]

Audio: BBC plumbs new depths of govt apologism with report on early Parliament break

Yesterday was an unprecedented day in Parliament – one that stunned seasoned observers – as Theresa May whipped the Tory party to defeat her own EU proposals rather than face a rebellion by her party’s ‘Brexit Ultras’. May followed up her self-defeat by immediately tabling a motion to send MPs home for the summer five days early, […]

Video: the full Corbyn speech the BBC wouldn’t broadcast

Yesterday, a huge crowd – police told Labour personnel they estimated a quarter of a million people – marched in London to protest against the visit of Donald Trump to the UK and in favour of decency, tolerance and solidarity. Jeremy Corbyn was the headline speaker to the mass audience assembled in Trafalgar Square, but […]

Video: Trafalgar erupts for Corbyn as BBC again exposes bias

Anti-Trump protesters gather in Trafalgar Square This afternoon in London, crowds estimated at well over 100,000 have taken to the streets to protest the visit of Donald Trump to the UK. This evening, as huge numbers of people gathered in Trafalgar Square, the BBC News channel was broadcasting an interview as cameras covered the crowds. […]

Live feed of London anti-Trump march – vast before it’s even scheduled to start

Live feed of today’s anti-Trump march can be seen below – and it’s enormous, with half an hour to go before it’s even scheduled to begin: The BBC has shown a few desultory images and clips so far that focus on the ‘Trump baby’ balloon and don’t portray a hundredth of the scale, so share […]

‘Alternative-universe Newsnight’ video tells the reform our NHS really needs

Last week the BBC’s Newsnight programme broadcast an unchallenged opinion piece by opaquely-funded think-tank the IEA, which routinely promotes ‘reform’ of the NHS that appears to be all about privatisation and ‘americanisation’ of the NHS. NHS campaigners were not given any right of reply, let alone an uncontested slot of several minutes. The video below, […]

The serious problems with MSM/FBPE claims about ‘Unite’ 2nd-ref poll

At the weekend, the Guardian published an article with a misleading headline about a poll supposedly showing that a majority of members of the Unite union back a second referendum or “people’s vote” before the UK leaves the European union. Other mainstream media followed similar lines. The paper was quickly pulled up on it by […]