How May survived 1922 committee meeting – and what may follow

Theresa May Theresa May faced a meeting with the Tories’ ‘1922 committee’ this evening – the body that by tradition makes and discards Tory leaders. Even though some political commentators had touted the meeting as the likely end of her tenure, she came through it intact – even easily. But her real ordeal may still […]

Labour’s Formby shows Powell a better approach to online forums

Labour MP Lucy Powell has been appearing in the media to promote her “Private Member’s Bill” which, as she describes it, is intended to ‘establish’: legal accountability for what’s published in large online forums, I believe we can force those who run these echo chambers to stamp out the evil that is currently so prominent. […]

Mann accused of ‘threat to throw election’ if censure motion not withdrawn – and slips up

John Mann Labour MP John Mann has been accused of threatening to ‘throw an election’ if a motion of censure by a Labour branch in his constituency was not withdrawn. In a series of emails between Mann and the SKWAWKBOX, Mann denied the accusation – but also seemed to inadvertently confirm that he had made […]

May back to square one as Speaker rules govt’s trade bill is subject to rejection by Lords

Theresa May escaped a likely fall from office over her trade bill this week by the skin of her teeth, thanks to unprecedented, cowardly surrenders to her hard right fringe and a betrayal of female MPs. But it looks like it was a futile exercise as a ruling by the House of Lords means she […]

The Lab MPs who abstained/voted against giving Parliament Brexit say – Tory non-rebels still to blame

The Commons Chamber during today’s Brexit debate (image: ParliamentLive TV) Earlier today, the government narrowly defeated an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill that would have given Parliament its proper democratic say – Brexit was, after all, about taking back control – on whatever Brexit deal or excuse for a deal Theresa May eventually presents. […]

Shadow Women’s Sec Butler tears into May over upskirting failure

As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Friday, Tory MPs blocked legislation to outlaw ‘upskirting’ by talking non-stop for hours until deadlines for it to proceed further through the legislative process. Philip Davies has angrily denied that his intention was to block the Voyeurism (Offences) Bill, but the effect of his droning helped to ensure its failure – […]

Tories to RETRY bill to make you pay for your NHS Fri 15 June

The Deputy Speaker as NHS ‘co-payment’ legislation was rescheduled As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Friday, Tory MPs made an attempt to pass a bill yesterday to allow NHS patients to be charged for their treatment – a move described by senior medics as “a nail in the coffin” of the NHS and ‘catastrophic‘ for patients. […]

Tory bill to make you pay for your NHS treatment is being debated today

An attempt by Tory MPs to push through an amendment to the National Health Service Act 2006 that will allow NHS patients in England to be charged for their treatment and GP visits. The National Health Service (Co-Funding and Co-Payment) Bill, sponsored by Tory MPs Christopher Chope, Peter Bone and Edward Leigh – Leigh has been […]