Suspended Scottish Labour councillors’ latest attempt to collaborate with Tories rejected by SEC

Last year, Scottish Labour suspended an entire group of councillors for persistently trying to form a coalition with the Tories. It seems they – and many Labour MSPs (members of Scottish Parliament) have learned nothing since. The MSPs are said to be unhappy about the decision by the Scottish Executive (SEC) to reject Aberdeen Labour councillors’ – […]

Tory non-rebelling ‘rebels’ leave #FBPE and Blairites with huge egg on face

Right-wing Labour back-benchers and FBPE obsessives ended up with huge, rotten egg on their faces on Tuesday when Tory ‘rebels’ singularly failed to do anything remotely resembling actually rebelling. Theresa May made enough false promises – obviously and unmissably false – to give the so-called rebels cover for not doing anything of the sort. So […]

Right-wing ‘Progress’ advertises for whole team of unpaid ‘volunteers’

The SKWAWKBOX has been covering the saga of ‘centrist’ MP Chuka Umunna’s advert for an unpaid intern – including his defence of the ad, a rebuke from the Labour leader’s office and comments from the student who first revealed it, who described it as: an employer expecting a student to take out a student loan […]

RMT will ‘align’, not re-affiliate, to Labour – and what that means

Members of the RMT (Rail, Maritime and Transport Union) have been voting in recent weeks on whether the union should re-affiliate to the Labour Party. In a tight result, the union has decided not to re-affiliated – but instead to ‘align’ itself with the party. A statement by RMT General Secretary Mick Cash explains: Our consultation […]

SKWAWKBOX is a bogeyman at new Tory think-tank launch

Ruth Davidson and Michael Gove at ‘Onward’ launch Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson spoke on Monday evening at the launch of a new Tory think-tank – like we don’t already have more than enough of those getting undue airtime as talking heads on every mainstream politics programme – ‘Onward’. Presumably ‘Backward to the Victorian era’ […]

Right-wing men defending McKenzie’s misogyny show the dark heart of the right

Ian McKenzie, the Lewisham right-winger exposed tweeting vile comments about Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, has been suspended from the Labour Party because of them. Before his misogynist tweets – which talk of Labour front-bencher Emily Thornberry in terms of sale into sex-slavery, gang-rape and beheading – McKenzie was touted by the Labour right as […]

Video: bad day for centrists as rendition apology burns last shreds of Blairite credibility

The government’s letter today to Libyan politician Abdelhakim Belhaj and his wife Fatima Boudchar, apologising for their ‘rendition’ – their forcible and illegal transport – to Gaddafi’s Libya after their abduction in Malaysia by the CIA, has highlighted the culpability and complicity of the UK government in the widespread and shameful US practice: It’s likely, […]

Labour’s performance in leave areas shows wisdom of Corbyn approach – and centrist damage

From the early results in the local elections – which were primarily in leave-voting areas where the Tories expected to do relatively well – a pattern seems to be emerging in terms of who is winning UKIP’s collapsed vote base. Leave areas like Plymouth and Swindon, which Jeremy Corbyn has visited often, have seen Labour […]