Video: Newsnight misrepresents Corbyn several times, fails to correct after Labour complaint

The BBC’s Newsnight programme misrepresented Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a number of times in a few minutes on Tuesday night, as it attempted to cast Labour as being as split over Brexit as the Tories and to deflect attention from Theresa May’s incompetent negotiations onto Corbyn’s supposed Brexit position. During an interview with Labour’s excellent […]

Excl video: “They squirmed back into the station” – Liverpool sees off fascist march – again

On Saturday, a coalition of the left once again joined forces in Liverpool to see off a planned march by neofascists. The city has a proud record of thwarting the attempts of the hard right to march and posture through the streets on multiple occasions – one famously resulted in a so-called ‘white man march’ […]

The questions Sandwell council won’t answer re key Watson ally housing investigation

In June, the SKWAWKBOX published evidence of the involvement of Sandwell councillor Simon Hackett – an employee and close ally of Labour deputy leader Tom Watson – in a potential breach of laws regulating the allocation of council housing. The council’s housing system recorded Mr Hackett involved in a housing allocation, to a local woman, […]

Video: outraged McDonnell’s blistering take-down of Umunna over ‘dogs’ snidery

John McDonnell’s anger and disgust were unmistakable Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is usually a model of restraint during TV interviews, even when asked about the nonsense frequently perpetrated by the Labour right toward party leader Jeremy Corbyn or his supporters. But arch-‘centrist’ Chuka Umunna’s attack on members, during which he called on Corbyn to ‘call […]

Excl: Woodcock’s own ‘data breach’ exposes unpopularity with local members – and why

Ex-Labour MP John Woodcock Last week, MP John Woodcock finally left the Labour Party, resigning with a letter that flung blame in all directions but himself – and which also contradicted a letter he had sent to a constituent just after last year’s general election. However, for someone who no longer wants to be in the Labour […]

CCTV, 12 days when police failed to find ‘Novichok bottle’ – and the questions no MSM are asking

As the SKWAWKBOX covered a short time ago in breaking news, the Metropolitan Police Service has announced that it found a ‘bottle’ containing Novichok toxin at the Amesbury home of poisoning victim Charlie Rowley on Wednesday. This was the day that Rowley regained consciousness. The twelve days of..? But the BBC News channel confirmed today […]

The Lab MPs who abstained/voted against giving Parliament Brexit say – Tory non-rebels still to blame

The Commons Chamber during today’s Brexit debate (image: ParliamentLive TV) Earlier today, the government narrowly defeated an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill that would have given Parliament its proper democratic say – Brexit was, after all, about taking back control – on whatever Brexit deal or excuse for a deal Theresa May eventually presents. […]

Video: May admits on live TV that she’s going to deepen the NHS crisis

May can’t help grimacing as she misleads on the BBC… Theresa May appeared on the BBC’s Marr show on Sunday to talk about NHS funding and Brexit – claiming that her pledge of £20 billion in additional NHS cash was going to be funded, at least in part, by a ‘Brexit dividend’: the supposed saving […]

Video: Streeting bleating again re Brexit. Bad news, Wes – Mandelson blames Blair..

The lamentable Wes Streeting appeared on Sky News today to complain – yawn – about Labour’s position on Brexit. In a nonsensical interview, Streeting complained that a Labour amendment to retain access to the EU internal market has no chance of passing – but claimed that an amendment to remain fully in the single market via the […]

Lewisham East early hustings time is a right-wing move, not a Gen Sec decision

Left-wing campaigners in Lewisham East have complained about the 9.30am start time for the hustings and selection vote on the candidate to replace Heidi Alexander after her departure for the London mayor’s office. An early start time is considered likely to disenfranchise poorer and ethnic minority members more likely to have to work on a […]