Trussell Trust: govt failing to ‘manage’ migration to Universal Credit in any sense

Esther McVey On Monday, DWP Secretary Esther McVey created outrage with a ‘full Trump‘ series of claims about the supposed endorsement by charities of the government’s changes to the Universal Credit system that has blighted the lives of millions and is set to create even further hardship as its roll-out continues. All the charities involved […]

WM Police senior officer to council leader: no more using police resources against blogger

Sandwell Council leader Steve Eling, left, and blogger Julian Saunders Last month, the SKWAWKBOX reported on the fiasco when a legal case against the West Midlands blogger known as the Sandwell Skidder was postponed on its first day in court because the court had lost a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service asking for the blogger, […]

Sandwell/Saunders trial descends into farce as council CEO flees cross-examination

The court case scheduled to begin today against blogger Julian Saunders, known locally as the ‘Sandwell Skidder‘, descended into farce today as proceedings were adjourned almost as soon as they began. Mr Saunders has been charged with a public order offence for calling Sandwell Council’s chief executive Jan Britton a c*cksucker and has been representing […]

Excl: the facts about Dugdale funding do not match MSM narrative or MSPs’ gripe

Kezia Dugdale as Scottish Labour leader Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has featured prominently in the media complaining about Labour’s alleged “fail[ure] to keep its promise” to fund her legal defence against a defamation brought by a blogger after she accused him of publishing a homophobic tweet. Ms Dudgale has claimed that the party […]

Sandwell council leader’s ‘exoneration’ ‘falling apart’ as false statement emerges

Sandwell council leader Steve Eling has been trumpeting the result of a council investigation into allegations of misconduct against him ahead of a meeting of Sandwell’s ‘Ethical Standards and Member Development Committee’ scheduled for this afternoon. Mr Eling was under investigation over alleged breaches of the councillors’ code of conduct in relation to leaks of […]

The emails Sandwell council leader says are ‘waste of his time’ to ask about

As the SKWAWKBOX published on Monday, Sandwell council leader Steve Eling – a close associate of right-wing Labour MP John Spellar – was asked seven questions by this blog about the leaking of confidential information to a local, anti-Labour blogger and about his failure to react appropriately when a close council ally fell into disrepute. […]

Sandwell leader’s remarkable response to questions re confidential leaks: “Don’t waste my time”

Edit: this article originally described Julian Saunders as a ‘UKIP-supporting blogger’. He has been in touch to advise that he is not a UKIP supporter. Steve Eling Sandwell council leader – and delegate of right-wing MP John Spellar’s Brandhall Labour Club – Steve Eling has been slated for alleged leaks of sensitive information on political […]