Vid: (T)ouch(é) – May’s, Johnson’s #PMQS faces after Corbyn’s Trump question are a must-see

‘The eyes have it’ – May’s stony gaze at today’s PMQs Jeremy Corbyn touched a deep, deep nerve today in Theresa May when he humorously exposed the Prime Minister’s lack of competence – and apparently confidence – in the Brexit negotiations by asking her whether she had asked Donald Trump to take over Britain’s part […]

Disastrous ‘Tory Momentum’ finally bites dust – but what a ride while it lasted

The Tory attempt to create – which shows how badly they missed the point – their own version of Labour-supporting movement Momentum has been a source of hilarity ever since its ill-conceived beginnings. Activate became (in)famous for anything but being a vibrant political movement, with a series of blunders and arrogance such as: selling hugely-expensive bottles […]