Women in burqas? No, ban men in suits…

Bannon-acolyte Boris Johnson is the problem Boris Johnson has outraged right-minded people with his attack on Muslim women comparing them to letterboxes and bank robbers if they wear traditional garments. In spite of the obvious racism involved, prominent Tories have defended the former Foreign Secretary and demanded that his critics ‘move on’, in spite of […]

Breaking: another one bites the dust as Bebb resigns

Guto Bebb In yet another blow for Theresa May, the SKWAWKBOX understands that Tory Guto Bebb has resigned as a defence minister – believed to be because he has voted with Labour on tonight’s Brexit vote. Less than a week ago, Bebb said that Boris Johnson’s resignation was a selfish act. Presumably he thinks his […]

Video: May flaps as she’s exposed not knowing or understanding own Chequers Brexit ‘deal’

The BBC’s Andrew Marr is not known for intense, probing questioning of Tory politicians – especially Theresa May – and his interview with her yesterday morning was only fitfully interesting. However, one particular exchange that was of interest and for which he deserves credit exposed the extent of May’s utter ineptitude over Brexit – as well […]

Video: May’s voice goes up, eyes down when told Tory cttee has enough letters to force leader contest

Theresa May: eyes down, voice up An interesting little passage in this afternoon’s debate following Theresa May’s announcement of her ‘Chequers deal’ – a deal only with her ministers and not with the EU and one that is already rapidly unravelling after the resignations of her Brexit Secretary and Foreign Secretary, with more expected to […]

May tried to bribe Davis with Johnson’s job not to resign – even screwed that up

May’s government – incompetent from top to toe David Davis’ resignation as Brexit Secretary last night exposed the absolute chaos of Theresa May’s Brexit incompetence and triggered the eventual resignation – no doubt after due consideration of what would be best for his career – as Foreign Secretary of Boris Johnson. May is now receiving […]

‘Centrist’ u-turn on cards as ‘Labour’ back-benchers consider shoring up May?

Since news broke of Brexit Secretary David Davis’ resignation, media ‘outriders’ for so-called ‘centrist’ Labour MPs have been increasingly claiming the country needs a ‘national government’. The subsequent resignation of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary will do nothing to quell those calls. Rumours among Labour insiders are increasing that right-wing backbenchers who have until now […]

Breaking: Johnson resigns after missing meetings

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been exercising mainstream political commentators amid the increasing expectation that his resignation is imminent. That resignation has just been confirmed. Johnson had missed, without explanation, two scheduled appearances – the Western Balkans summit and an emergency ‘COBRA’ meeting to discuss the tragic death of Dawn Sturgess, one of the victims […]

Tweet of the week nails problems with govt’s Novichok narrative

The news this week that two more people have become ill as a result of what is said to be Novichok toxin has been fraught with problems similar to those surrounding the original Skripal incident. Swindon Fire Service – in a now-deleted tweet – originally said that after a 77-mile round trip to the incident, […]

Tories’ Brexit incompetence again – they can’t even get Brexit Secretary right

The Tories’ Brexit incompetence has become increasingly transparent uselessness next to the focused, well-prepared professionalism of EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and his team the longer the negotiation process has gone on. From attacks on the UK’s own ambassador to the death-stare Boris Johnson received from Theresa May during Prime Minister’s Questions for his ‘meltdown’ […]

Video: Dowden testimony shows Johnson’s fire cuts worsened Grenfell. Johnson: ‘Get Stuffed’

London Fire Brigade’s ‘Incident Commander’ Michael Dowden has received huge support on social media after receiving a brutal grilling during the Grenfell inquiry yesterday, in what many feared might turn into an attempt to pin the blame for the terrible death-toll on Dowden and the LFB. The #IAmMichaelDowden hashtag, reflecting the truth that anyone faced […]