Centrist ex-MP Reed linking to slimming pills site

Former Copeland MP Jamie Reed Former Copeland MP Jamie Reed can safely be considered an entrenched opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He accused Corbyn of “injecting poison into the party” after the EU referendum, resigned his seat to trigger a by-election in spring last year at a time it seemed likely to do the maximum […]

Luton Momentum calls on Shuker to resign after CLP no-confidence vote

Gavin Shuker Last week, on the same night that Enfield North MP Joan Ryan lost a vote of no confidence by local members, the CLP (constituency Labour party) of Luton South’s Gavin Shuker passed a no-confidence vote in him by a ratio of almost seven to one. Shuker attempted to dismiss the importance of the […]

Field chickens out – will not call by-election

It seems that Birkenhead ex-Labour MP Frank Field’s commitment to the ‘sovereignty’ of constituents only goes so far. Surprising almost nobody, news has emerged that, following his resignation of the Labour whip last week, he will not call a by-election to offer local voters the chance to decide whether they want him as an independent MP […]

Woodcock’s local paper sending him a message?

Ex-Labour MP John Woodcock started the recent trend, if two is a trend, of Labour MPs resigning from the party without trusting their mandate – or respecting their constituents – enough to offer them a chance to choose in a by-election whether they want to continue to be represented by an ‘independent’ MP. Woodcock resigned, […]

Video: Field says Birkenhead voters ‘sovereign’ – so why is he denying them a by-election?

Right-wing Labour MP Frank Field – rejected long before today by local Labour members, who passed a vote of no confidence in him after a string of disappointments culminated in Field siding with the Tory government in a key EU vote – has announced his resignation from the Labour Party in a self-pitying letter blaming […]

E Mids Lab MP tells members breakaway party to launch

No prizes for guessing… An East Midlands Labour MP told constituents at a CLP (constituency Labour party) meeting last night that a group of ’12-20′ Labour MPs is about to announce they are splitting off to form a new centrist party. The group is expected to be led by a London MP with a taste […]

‘Shock’ result in Curborough by-election as Labour wins big in Tory heartland

Labour took a seat in the epitome of a Tory heartland on Thursday evening, in a council by-election win that was treated as a ‘shock’ by election pundits – but to those who remember the ‘Corbyn surge‘ last year against Establishment expectations, the only mild surprise is the scale of the win. Labour made a […]

Centrist ex-MP turned Torygraph columnist’s massive Freudian slip speaks volumes?

Telegraph columnist Tom Harris Tom Harris is a former Labour MP who now writes for the Tory Daily Telegraph, having replaced hapless Tory Dan Hodges when Hodges moved to the Daily Mail – and an ardent opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Harris suffered a telling Freudian slip on Thursday when penning his latest polemic for […]

‘Analyst/gambler’ sends letter for LDems in Lewisham East – has bet heavily on outcome

An outraged tweet by a London resident has revealed that the LibDems – as the ‘imprint’ at the bottom of the letter – have been sending a letter to voters in today’s Lewisham East by-election from the founder and editor of the ‘PoliticalBetting.com’ website, Mike Smithson: The full letter attempts to persuade voters that they […]

Tamworth by-election result shows HUGE difference ‘framing’ makes

This week saw an election in the Tamworth ward of Glascote. It was a Labour hold, but the way in which it was presented suggested a poor result in which Labour lost votes and barely clung on: However, as Twitter users were quick to point out, the choice of 2014 as the point of comparison created […]