A message to Rudd from her constituency

Home Secretary Amber Rudd on General Election night 2017, when it appeared she had been unseated. Who’d have guessed that wouldn’t be her lowest point in twelve months? Floundering Home Secretary Amber Rudd is in such trouble that she has resorted to pleading ignorance about almost everything to do with her department and its treatment […]

Tories fail for year to answer for £100k raid on bereaved families. Then cancel their one appearance

Imagine being a parent of young children, then finding out not only that you are terminally ill – but that a law change introduced by the Tories a year ago is going to take £100,000 of vital support from your bereaved family. Last March, the Tories forced through the “Bereavement Support Payment Regulations 2017“, which […]

Video: Henry ‘eyeballs’ May: “Windrush racism like what frustrated Lawrence investigation”

Lenny Henry ‘eyeballs’ Theresa May Channel 4 News tonight covered the twenty-fifth anniversary memorial service for murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, which was attended by an uncomfortable-looking Theresa May – who received an ‘eyeballing’ and a tough question from comedian Lenny Henry, who spoke at the event: Henry asked the audience which of them had four […]

WM Police remove anti-beggar posters after social media outcry

A week ago, social media activist @imajsaclaimant tweeted a snap of a poster appearing on buses around the West Midlands, encouraging people not to give to beggars: To date, the post has been retweeted over 4,200 times. The poster tells readers that giving to rough sleepers keeps them on the streets and encourages the homeless […]

Video: May tells May – step up, stop blaming others and resign

The 2004 Theresa May in opposition has a message for the 2018 Theresa May in government: ‘step up, take responsibility, stop blaming others – and resign‘. In a remarkable twist of fate, May appeared on BBC Question Time when she was the Shadow Minister for Transport and the Environment in opposition, to tell then Immigration […]

Leaked emails: May knew about ‘Go Home’ vans – and wanted them made harsher

Theresa May’s former adviser claimed yesterday that Theresa May did not know about, nor approve of, the infamously hateful ‘Go home or face arrest’ advertising vans that drove around areas with high numbers of immigrants in 2013. Thanks to Bloomberg News and its UK political correspondent Robert Hutton, we now know that not only was […]

Video: May refuses to answer what she is doing to bring back #Windrush wrongly deported

Amid the justified fury about Theresa May’s decision to lie to MPs and the public about the decision to destroy landing cards that would have prevented ‘Windrush generation’ migrants being harrassed and even deported by the Home Office – and the BBC’s decision to cover for her – one important passage of today’s ‘PMQs’ appears […]

Watch: Fury in Scottish Parliament as McVey brushes off sanction of heart attack victim

DWP Secretary Esther McVey has long been reviled among disabled people and other benefit claimants, even when she was junior to Iain Duncan Smith, for the measures she pushed through that caused misery and hardship among some of our most vulnerable citizens, including hundreds of thousands of children pushed into poverty. Now, as the head […]

Rudd knew police cuts ‘likely’ cause of crime rise – when she said they weren’t

Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s ludicrous claim that massive Tory police cuts have nothing to do with crime rise blown apart by leaked Home Office documents Labour asks, ‘is she incompetent or misleading?’ exposure of the concealed information adds weight to claims Tories are unfit for office after revelation of Boris Johnson’s dishonesty over Salisbury attack […]