Astonishingly crass #PeoplesVote (trigger warning) exposes the campaign’s Blairite core

Comment The ‘People’s Vote’ anti-Brexit campaign let slip something of its Blairite nature in one of the advertising posters it is using in preparation for its march today. The campaign has seen the likes of the dire Chris Leslie and the awful Anna Soubry getting very chummy and is backed, among others, Chuka Umunna, who […]

Drakeford gains Unite and NUM S Wales endorsements for Welsh Labour leader

Mark Drakeford, who last week launched his campaign for the Welsh Labour leadership with a statement of socialist solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn, has made a strong start to his campaign, winning two key union endorsements. Drakeford’s endorsement by Unite has been confirmed this evening, with congratulations tweeted by Welsh regional secretary Peter Hughes, general secretary […]

Drakeford launches formal Welsh leadership bid with strong socialist solidarity pitch

Mark Drakeford AM launching his leadership campaign Earlier today, Welsh Labour leadership candidate Mark Drakeford AM formally launched his campaign for the leadership of Welsh Labour at a community centre in his constituency saying he is a “21st century socialist” like his mentor and former boss Rhodri Morgan. Drakeford also expressed strong solidarity with the […]

Video: Labour’s powerful new broadcast speaks human – and it’s no wonder

The steep change in the quality and accessibility of Labour’s ‘party political broadcasts’ (PPBs) since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader has been unmissable. And it’s no wonder, since the party now stands for something clear, something for which there’s a huge appetite among our people – and it’s driven by people who […]

Now NEC’s circuits are unfrazzled this morning, selection situation looks better. Here’s how

In the tumult and exhaustion last night after a long day and a debate against a background of high member emotion, the picture painted by members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) who spoke to the SKWAWKBOX last night was far from disastrous – but it was worse than the real outcome. Here’s the definitive […]

Video: May lies about AggregateIQ undeclared-meeting PMQ – and dodges it again

May’s discomfort at Deirdre Brock’s AIQ question Theresa May’s dire performance at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) has drawn plenty of comment – if your best weapon is a smear by Chuka Umunna, it’s clear you’re in trouble. But one scene that hasn’t seen much attention is the question asked of May by SNP […]

Councillor: “Watson made my life a misery. What’s his problem with independent Labour women?”

Sandwell councillor Yvonne Davies and Tom Watson Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has rightly been pilloried this evening after a ludicrous interview in which he claimed that the party’s general secretary, Jennie Formby, had “staked her career on dealing with antisemitism” and, She has been in post for three or four months. If I come […]

TV-star-turned-candidate Nixon smeared by own party as US Dems copy anti-Corbyn playbook

Smeared and smeared alike: Nixon and Corbyn Picture the scene: a popular left-wing leadership candidate threatens the status quo of an Establishment, notionally-left political party, putting at risk the painstakingly-constructed business-as-usual cosiness that it clings to. In spite of huge threats from burgeoning right-wing extremism, the Establishment party turns on one of its own candidates, […]

Excl: ‘author’ of councillor’s ‘parasite’ resignation letter is PR ally of Labour council leader

There has been an interesting sequence of events on Merseyside this week – or to be more precise, on the Wirral peninsula. Sheila Murphy On Monday, the ‘Labour Uncut‘ website featured an interview with supposed ‘northern [Labour] legend’, former north-west regional director Sheila Murphy, who launched a blistering attack on the Labour Party’s newer members […]

Mersey Fire Authority accused of ‘revenge for climbdown’ – moves to disband crews

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and activists on Merseyside have been celebrating victory in their campaign to prevent the acceleration of a plan to make drastic cuts to fire cover on Merseyside that firefighters said would cost lives of the public and those protecting them. The local authority had planned to bring forward the programme […]