Exclusive part 2: interview with left Welsh leader candidate Drakeford

Welsh Labour leadership hopeful Mark Drakeford On Friday, the SKWAWKBOX published the first part of a two-part series on an exclusive interview with Welsh Labour leadership – and First Minister – candidate Mark Drakeford. In part one, Drakeford talked about his background, about the Welsh language, addressing economic imbalances across Wales, democracy in the Welsh […]

W Mids Labour staffer who ‘rigged’ candidate interview still in place for selections

Evidence obtained by the SKWAWKBOX showing the ‘rigging’ of a council candidate’s interview illustrates the extent to which Labour’s previous administration in the West Midlands was in thrall to some of the region’s most right-wing MPs. Late last year, a councillor in the region was interviewed for the ‘panel’ – the list of approved applicants […]

Pinto-Duschinsky wins Hendon PPC contest. Hunter 2nd, JLM’s Katz last

David Pinto-Duschinsky David Pinto-Duschinsky has won selection as PPC (prospective parliamentary candidate) for Hendon. Duschinsky won the nomination of his CLP’s seven branches and won the one-member-one-vote selection in the first round with eighty-nine votes. Patrick Hunter came second with 49 votes and JLM vice-chair Mike Katz – Hendon’s candidate in last year’s general election […]

Interview: Patrick Hunter for Hendon. Hustings/vote this afternoon

  Patrick Hunter This afternoon in Hendon, local members will vote to select the constituency’s next parliamentary candidate. The seat is a marginal, won by Tory Matthew Offord last year by only 1,072 votes. The SKWAWKBOX spoke to one of the shortlisted candidates, Patrick Hunter, a no-nonsense Irishman who hasn’t lost his brogue in spite […]

CLPD statement on northern candidate stepping down indicates new pick likely

On Friday Kaneez Akhtar, one of the six candidates on CLPD’s slate for the National Constitutional Committee elections announced that she was stepping down, adding: I believe all Labour Party national committees should reflect its membership and its representatives should come from various geographical areas. I fully support the IHRA definition of antisemitism and was […]

The definitive guide to selecting an MP under Labour’s new (2018) rules

Labour’s annual conference last week in Liverpool passed new rules for the process of selecting an MP when there is already a sitting candidate. While the final, detailed NEC (National Executive Committee) guidance for what has been termed ‘affirmative ballot’ (AB) meetings are still to be finalised, below is a definitive guide of the new […]

Leaked email exposes Dem attempts to coordinate antisemitism smear vs left candidate Nixon

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed last night, the US Democratic Party in New York State tore a page straight out of the anti-Corbyn playbook by launching a campaign to smear TV star and left-wing candidate for the party’s nomination for state governor, Cynthia Nixon. The smear triggered a huge backlash among Ms Nixon’s supporters and in […]

TV-star-turned-candidate Nixon smeared by own party as US Dems copy anti-Corbyn playbook

Smeared and smeared alike: Nixon and Corbyn Picture the scene: a popular left-wing leadership candidate threatens the status quo of an Establishment, notionally-left political party, putting at risk the painstakingly-constructed business-as-usual cosiness that it clings to. In spite of huge threats from burgeoning right-wing extremism, the Establishment party turns on one of its own candidates, […]

Video: Field says Birkenhead voters ‘sovereign’ – so why is he denying them a by-election?

Right-wing Labour MP Frank Field – rejected long before today by local Labour members, who passed a vote of no confidence in him after a string of disappointments culminated in Field siding with the Tory government in a key EU vote – has announced his resignation from the Labour Party in a self-pitying letter blaming […]

Unite plays hardball with Beckett smear

Jasmin Beckett Former Labour NEC member – and current candidate – Jasmin Beckett has a problematic history regarding antisemitism allegations. She was accused of inciting false allegations of antisemitism against a rival to secure a place on the NEC as Labour’s youth representative. She has also been a prominent voice in the current spate of […]