In March, Tories claimed membership ‘soared’ to 124k. Member subs suggest it almost halved

Tory chair Brandon Lewis In March, the Conservative Party mystified observers when Tory chair Brandon Lewis claimed its membership had ‘soared’ to 124,000. That mystification was shot through with a good deal of suspicion, not least because the Tories’ were claiming membership of almost 150,000 in 2014: Many people considered the claim to be little more […]

Tory chair’s 24hr u-turn – from zero tolerance of Islamophobia to claiming it’s just ‘playing politics’

Brandon Lewis On Friday, Tory chair Brandon Lewis wrote an article for the Conservative Home website in which he claimed that he and the party had adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to Islamophobia by its representatives: But that did not appear to be happening in practice, as Buzzfeed’s Stuart Millar pointed out concerning the case […]

Tories photoshop MP into community meeting for election propaganda. Badly

While the disarray of the Tories in government was building up to the resignation of yet another Cabinet minister, the Tories attempting to get into local government have been stumbling into a series of scandals, with racism, homophobia and sexism leading to a string of suspended candidates. But the Tories are inventive when it comes to […]

Tory aide tweets pic of Tory leaflet accusing Labour of spreading hepatitis

Tory parliamentary aide Christian Calgie has shocked Twitter users by tweeting a picture of a West Midlands Tory election leaflet that accuses Labour – of spreading hepatitis in the area: A different copy of the same leaflet from another tweeter What have Labour delivered to this ward: Hepatitis. Mr Calgie’s ambition not to embarrass the party […]

Excl: Tories suspend ‘antisemitic tweet’ candidate

Last night, the SKWAWKBOX revealed the antisemitic, homophobic and sexist comments tweeted by Conservative local election candidate George Stoakley. George Stoakley (ironically far right) The SKWAWKBOX contacted Conservative headquarters (CCHQ) to inform them of the comments and invite comment. A CCHQ spokesperson responded: George Stoakley has been suspended and an investigation is underway. With the […]