Senior W Mids right-wing Labour MP under investigation for racism/anti-democracy

The West Midlands stronghold of laughably-called ‘moderate’ Labour continues to crumble. As changes at the top of the regional bureaucracy get underway, a senior right-wing, anti-Corbyn MP is under investigation following credible complaints of aggressive racism against the MP by a local member – and of anti-democratic practice in terms of candidate selections. The MP […]

Video: uproar in House as Laura Smith asks when Trump ‘instructed’ May to take military action

As one right-wing Labour MP after another disgraced her- or himself by standing up in the House of Commons this afternoon to give cover to Theresa May for her premature and probably illegal missile attack on Syria – which hit the wrong places anyway – Laura Smith, Labour MP for Crewe and Nantwich, did Labour […]

Woodcock on hand ‘by chance’ to tweet images of Saudi Yemen missile damage

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed that controversial ‘centrist’ MP John Woodcock had flown to Saudi Arabia on what local Labour members have described as a ‘secret’ visit, during the Easter recess used by many MPs for activities in their constituency. Woodcock’s office team was unable to provide any information about the reason for the trip […]

Cryer’s email is a non-story – but as much as there is one, this is it

The MSM have been attempting to make something of an email by PLP (parliamentary Labour party) chair John Cryer to MPs bemoaning the party’s decision to put PLP secretary Dan Simpson on ‘gardening leave’ for the remainder of his notice period. Simpson handed in his notice some three weeks ago. John Cryer MP (image: Wikimedia […]

Here’s what Skwawkbox has been doing. Please support us if you can

The Skwawkbox continues to unsettle and expose the Establishment and affect the UK’s political narrative. Here are a few examples of the information we’ve either brought our readers exclusively or else raised focus and attention on, since our last update a few weeks ago: Boris Johnson’s lie about Porton Down’s findings on the source of […]

Seems the BBC really, really doesn’t want you to make this connection (video)

In a bombshell interview today, Porton Down chemical weapon facility CEO Gary Aitkenhead admitted to Sky News that they don’t know – and cannot tell from the information they can obtain from samples gather – where the Salisbury nerve agent was made. Boris Johnson is on video record claiming he knew the toxin was made […]

Excl: Phillips ‘loses confidence’ of BAME colleagues over ‘dangerous’ abuse leak

Labour MP Jess Phillips during a BBC interview on the night she attended a private Rupert Murdoch party Jess Phillips has strenuously denied the allegation made against her by some parliamentary colleagues. According to a number of BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) female Labour MPs, in dramatic events today Jess Phillips, the chair of […]

Departing Labour donor funded Corbyn leadership opponents, offered to fund new party

The Observer, like most of the rest of the ‘MSM’ on Sunday, has joined in the mass delirium – or April Fool’s jape – of further attacks on Labour and its leader Jeremy Corbyn over, well, over almost anything you could think of. The idea of a ‘Labour antisemitism problem’ has, of course, featured prominently […]