Benn’s Leeds Central CLP stays 100% left at AGM

Hilary Benn – applauded by Tories after grandstanding ‘bomb Syria’ speech Former Labour front-bencher is, for many on the Labour left, the epitome of centrism – all the more so for his grandstanding speech supporting Britain’s bombing on Syria. A speech that is applauded by cheering Tories is not something most Labour members will consider […]

Left wins every contested position in Harman’s CLP that supported KENDALL in 2015

Camberwell and Peckham CLP (constituency Labour party) is represented in Parliament by arch-centrist Harriet Harman – and supported the right-wing Liz Kendall in the 2015 leadership election. Last night, left candidates won every position they contested – as well as overturning a right-wing move to control its conference delegation and sweeping that for the left. Left […]

Byrne’s Hodge Hill CLP swings overwhelmingly left

The SKWAWKBOX reported in the early hours on the near-clean sweep last night for the left in London’s Hampstead and Kilburn CLP (constituency Labour party), which elected or nominated left candidates for every position bar one in the vital National Executive Committee (NEC), National Policy Forum (NPF) and National Constitutional Committee (NCC) elections, as well […]

Huge victory as left almost sweeps board in Hampstead & Kilburn

Hampstead & Kilburn constituency (image by Wereon – own work, public domain With the noise and drama of various recent issues drowning it out, normal CLP (constituency Labour party) business continues – including many vital party matters as CLPs select their preferred nominees in the crucial elections for Labour’s National Executive Committee, the National Constitutional […]

Sandwell councillor and Watson employee ‘involved’ in irregular housing allocation

Simon Hackett (L) and Tom Watson MP Simon Hackett is a councillor in Sandwell and Chair of Sandwell Labour’s LCF (local campaign forum), which has been suspended by the Labour Party after allegations of anti-democratic behaviour by key figures. He is also an employee and close ally of Labour MP and deputy leader Tom Watson. The […]

Spellar’s share in company paid by taxpayer for his office rental

Warley MP John Spellar (image: Jon Tandy, Creative Commons Licence John Spellar, the anti-Momentum Labour MP for Warley in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell, is a key figure in the Labour right – and has been at the centre of controversy after complaints from Labour members that the Brandhall Labour Club, from which he […]

Ryan’s CLP votes overwhelmingly for investigation into ally’s selection process

The SKWAWKBOX has exposed the extremely troubling practices involved in the selection of candidates for the recent local elections in the London borough of Enfield – and the way in which the LCF (local campaign forum) Secretary who oversaw the admittedly-flawed process was then elected as council leader by the candidates who made it through […]

Night before CLP vote on Wadsworth motion, exec issues new rules banning debate

  Black activist Marc Wadsworth, who played a key role in supporting the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, was expelled from the Labour Party after a public argument with MP Ruth Smeeth. This was not, as was widely reported, for antisemitism but on disrepute charges. Marc Wadsworth Since then, Wadsworth has been conducting a […]

Extraordinary email: “We were delegated to Spellar’s CLP without our permission’ – now suspend it”

Warley Labour MP John Spellar The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the serious question marks over the practice of Brandhall Labour Club in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell of sending delegates to vote at local CLPs (constituency Labour parties) – when there appears to be no evidence the club is an affiliated organisation […]

W Brom West CLP asks Formby for urgent investigation into suspect Brandhall affiliations

The SKWAWKBOX has been covering at length the issue of suspicious attachment of delegates to CLPs (constituency Labour parties) in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell – the heart of right-wing Labour, if it can be said to have a heart. Delegates from affiliated organisations can exercise considerable control over the affairs, decisions and direction […]