Interview: Patrick Hunter for Hendon. Hustings/vote this afternoon

  Patrick Hunter This afternoon in Hendon, local members will vote to select the constituency’s next parliamentary candidate. The seat is a marginal, won by Tory Matthew Offord last year by only 1,072 votes. The SKWAWKBOX spoke to one of the shortlisted candidates, Patrick Hunter, a no-nonsense Irishman who hasn’t lost his brogue in spite […]

Corbyn’s positive comments re two candidates excluded from Momentum NCC slate

On Thursday, left-wing organisations CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) and Momentum each announced competing – albeit overlapping – ‘slates’ for Labour’s important elections for additional members of the party’s senior disciplinary body, the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). The CLPD slate, announced first, has been supported by Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and, on […]

Breaking: Grassroots Black Left endorses JVL’s NCC candidate, attacks Momentum

Grassroots Black Left (GBL), which entered the political arena last autumn at a parliamentary launch featuring Labour MPs Clive Lewis and Chris Williamson and is affiliated to CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy), has just issued a statement expressing serious concerns about the process used by key left-wing organisations for selecting its ‘slates’ – and […]

EU: Corbyn’s Brexit plan was right all along

Comment In February this year, Jeremy Corbyn gave a major speech on Labour’s Brexit stance in which he announced that Labour, in government, would look to agree ‘a customs union’ with the EU. Corbyn was derided by both centrists and right-wingers, who fell over themselves to rubbish the idea. The BBC even arranged a company […]

Right’s latest attack on Williamson is a naked attempt to divide the movement

Comment Derby North MP Chris Williamson and this blog stand on opposite sides of the ‘open selection’ debate. Williamson has pressed vocally for open selection – a policy of automatically having a selection process to determine the Labour candidate in every seat, every time there is an election. The SKWAWKBOX originally welcomed the idea but saw […]

‘A slap in the face’ – Orthodox Jews ask Khan not to attend BoD dinner during protest

London mayor Sadiq Khan As the SKWAWKBOX revealed last month, representatives of London’s large Charedi (Orthodox) Jewish community plan to stage a protest outside the annual dinner of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD). Charedi Jews represent over twenty percent of the UK’s Jewish population and many feel aggrieved that the BoD, in […]

Drakeford launches formal Welsh leadership bid with strong socialist solidarity pitch

Mark Drakeford AM launching his leadership campaign Earlier today, Welsh Labour leadership candidate Mark Drakeford AM formally launched his campaign for the leadership of Welsh Labour at a community centre in his constituency saying he is a “21st century socialist” like his mentor and former boss Rhodri Morgan. Drakeford also expressed strong solidarity with the […]

FB page vanishes after pro-Corbyn activists out antisemitic posts – but reappears

An allegedly antisemitic Facebook group has disappeared after a number of its posts were highlighted by activists behind the ‘JeremyCorbyn4PM’ Twitter account. A similar post was also made on Facebook: Within a couple of days of the warning tweets the page could no longer be accessed, with Facebook returning a message that it had been […]

Coyne v Unite judgment: a litany of humiliation for ‘improper’ right-winger

Gerard Coyne, former leadership challenger whose legal case against Unite has been thrown out As the SKWAWKBOX broke on Friday, Gerard Coyne’s legal challenge to the result of last year’s Unite general secretary election failed utterly – as the SKWAWKBOX predicted nine months ago – when the Certification Officer, retired judge Jeffrey Burke, struck down all […]

Spellar hangs back at Corbyn rally – but ‘ranted’ when he wasn’t mentioned

John Spellar West Midlands Labour First MP John Spellar is an outspoken opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, having once agreed that he considered calling someone a Momentum member to be an insult. Yet he turned up at a Corbyn rally in Halesowen on Saturday – although he stayed well to the […]