JLM launches ‘antisemitism monitoring centre’ with unsolicited survey email

Constituency Labour party (CLP) secretaries have begun receiving an email sent by the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) announcing the formation of its ‘antisemitism monitoring centre’. The email, which begins by describing antisemitism as a ‘severe and ongoing crisis’ in the Labour Party – in spite of antisemitism complaints amounting to less that 0.1% of the […]

Lawyers take blame for Sandwell leader report discrepancy – but council was warned inaccurate 7 weeks ago

On Friday, the SKWAWKBOX highlighted a glaring discrepancy in Sandwell council’s report exonerating council leader Steve Eling – a close ally of right-wing Labour MPs John Spellar and Tom Watson – of involvement in damaging leaks to a local blogger. The report has been described by locals as a ‘whitewash’ – and as ‘falling apart’ […]

Sandwell council leader’s ‘exoneration’ ‘falling apart’ as false statement emerges

Sandwell council leader Steve Eling has been trumpeting the result of a council investigation into allegations of misconduct against him ahead of a meeting of Sandwell’s ‘Ethical Standards and Member Development Committee’ scheduled for this afternoon. Mr Eling was under investigation over alleged breaches of the councillors’ code of conduct in relation to leaks of […]

May lied about not receiving questions re AIQ and promised answer. Still none provided

  Theresa May’s discomfort at Brock’s question Last week, the SKWAWKBOX showed video of SNP MP Deirdre Brock challenging Theresa May during PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) to provide an answer about a meeting she had with AggregatedIQ, one of the firms at the core of the referendum data scandal that has already brought down Cambridge […]

LAAS ‘troll’ group ‘data breach’: named/shamed NEC member for asking email-list removal

The faux-Labour group ‘Labour Against Antisemitism’ – which in spite of its name has no standing with the Labour Party and which has frequently been accused of vindictive trolling on social media – was exposed this week sending unsolicited emails to CLP (constituency Labour party) secretaries in an apparent breach of data protection laws. The […]

“Labour against Antisemitism” in ‘serious breach of data protection laws’

The group ‘Labour against Antisemitism’ (LAAS), in spite of its name, has no standing with the Labour Party – a fact either missed or ignored by mainstream journalists who wish to portray its various attacks as having some kind of official weight. CLP (constituency Labour party) secretaries have been complaining bitterly on their Facebook forum […]

The questions about bypassed housing process that Sandwell’s legal team isn’t answering

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX covered the note from the housing system of Sandwell Borough Council (SBC) in the West Midlands that claimed councillor and close Tom Watson ally Simon Hackett had been ‘involved’ in a decision to award a council house to . a particular tenant without the usual ‘bidding’ process. The house is in […]

Sandwell councillor and Watson employee ‘involved’ in irregular housing allocation

Simon Hackett (L) and Tom Watson MP Simon Hackett is a councillor in Sandwell and Chair of Sandwell Labour’s LCF (local campaign forum), which has been suspended by the Labour Party after allegations of anti-democratic behaviour by key figures. He is also an employee and close ally of Labour MP and deputy leader Tom Watson. The […]

Excl: ICO – ‘breach’ when Owen Smith campaign shared data with Gerard Coyne

Gerard Coyne and Owen Smith Last year, the SKWAWKBOX revealed an exclusive ‘smoking gun’ showing that Labour Party members’ data used unlawfully by right-winger Gerard Coyne’s campaign for General Secretary of the Unite union had been provided by defunct challenger for the Labour leadership, Owen Smith or his campaign team. That smoking gun came in […]

Cabinet/LCF members in Watson’s constituency ‘harassing’ new Labour members

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson Interesting developments in Tom Watson’s West Bromwich East (WBE) constituency. Local sources tell the SKWAWKBOX that there has been an increase of new members in the constituency since this blog’s exclusive that the Sandwell LCF (Local Campaign Forum) – in which WBE lies – was suspended by Jennie Formby after […]