“Labour against Antisemitism” in ‘serious breach of data protection laws’

The group ‘Labour against Antisemitism’ (LAAS), in spite of its name, has no standing with the Labour Party – a fact either missed or ignored by mainstream journalists who wish to portray its various attacks as having some kind of official weight. CLP (constituency Labour party) secretaries have been complaining bitterly on their Facebook forum […]

The questions about bypassed housing process that Sandwell’s legal team isn’t answering

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX covered the note from the housing system of Sandwell Borough Council (SBC) in the West Midlands that claimed councillor and close Tom Watson ally Simon Hackett had been ‘involved’ in a decision to award a council house to . a particular tenant without the usual ‘bidding’ process. The house is in […]

Sandwell councillor and Watson employee ‘involved’ in irregular housing allocation

Simon Hackett (L) and Tom Watson MP Simon Hackett is a councillor in Sandwell and Chair of Sandwell Labour’s LCF (local campaign forum), which has been suspended by the Labour Party after allegations of anti-democratic behaviour by key figures. He is also an employee and close ally of Labour MP and deputy leader Tom Watson. The […]

Excl: ICO – ‘breach’ when Owen Smith campaign shared data with Gerard Coyne

Gerard Coyne and Owen Smith Last year, the SKWAWKBOX revealed an exclusive ‘smoking gun’ showing that Labour Party members’ data used unlawfully by right-winger Gerard Coyne’s campaign for General Secretary of the Unite union had been provided by defunct challenger for the Labour leadership, Owen Smith or his campaign team. That smoking gun came in […]

Cabinet/LCF members in Watson’s constituency ‘harassing’ new Labour members

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson Interesting developments in Tom Watson’s West Bromwich East (WBE) constituency. Local sources tell the SKWAWKBOX that there has been an increase of new members in the constituency since this blog’s exclusive that the Sandwell LCF (Local Campaign Forum) – in which WBE lies – was suspended by Jennie Formby after […]

Labour Future uses People’s Assembly event for data-capture email

On Saturday, People’s Assembly is holding an anti-austerity event in London: It’s an important event, with a stellar line-up of speakers including Labour front-benchers John McDonnell, Diane Abbott & Barry Gardiner and tickets cost a maximum of £5.98. The event runs from 10am to 6pm at St Pancras New Church, Euston Road, London NW1 2BA. But there is […]

Exclusive: full PLP briefing document on BoD/JLC meeting

A briefing document has gone out from the Labour leadership to all of the party’s MPs, outlining the discussion points, agreed actions and follow-ups of Jeremy Corbyn’s meeting with the Board of Deputies (BoD), Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and Community Security Trust (CST). The SKWAWKBOX has obtained a copy of this briefing – and it […]

Departing Labour donor funded Corbyn leadership opponents, offered to fund new party

The Observer, like most of the rest of the ‘MSM’ on Sunday, has joined in the mass delirium – or April Fool’s jape – of further attacks on Labour and its leader Jeremy Corbyn over, well, over almost anything you could think of. The idea of a ‘Labour antisemitism problem’ has, of course, featured prominently […]