Video: Bercow ‘owns’ Hammond – and entire govt – hilariously

Hammond delivering his ‘blindingly obvious’ put-down to Philip Hammond Chancellor Philip ‘Hapless’ Hammond received a surgical – and very funny – put-down from Speaker John Bercow in the House of Commons today after setting himself up perfectly for it, provoking hilarity among MPs: SKWAWKBOX comment: Hammond’s personality – or otherwise – is aptly summed up […]

Breaking: Tory 1922 chair Brady asks for meeting with May

Tory 1922 Committee chair Graham Brady has asked Theresa May for a meeting tomorrow, when she is back from her tour of EU leaders. He is expected to tell her that enough Tory MPs have confirmed their letters of no confidence in her leadership to trigger a full vote of the party’s MPs. If May […]

Lavery debunks cynical attempts to steer Labour into no-confidence vote

Labour MP and party chair Ian Lavery An unholy alliance of centrist Labour, Tory, LibDem and SNP figures has attempted to manoeuvre or force the Labour leadership into calling a vote of no confidence in spite of Theresa May’s cowardice yesterday in pulling today’s vote on her dismal withdrawal ‘deal’ with the EU. LibDem leader […]

Video: as May collapses, Newsnight gives Tories/centrists free reign to attack… Corbyn

The BBC’s unconstitutional bias appears to become more naked almost daily. On a day of ignominy and disarray for the government, with Theresa May unilaterally running away from a vote on her shameful withdrawal agreement and accused of complete disrespect for Parliament and its procedures, any self-respecting broadcaster would be lining up  government ministers to […]

Audio/comment: Downing St in chaos and swamped by O2 claim calls (!) as PM team flees

Comment The chaos infecting Theresa May’s non-government seems to have spread to Downing Street’s systems. The SKWAWKBOX’s attempts to call the Downing Street duty political press officer this evening met with a bizarre pre-recorded message about compensation claims for telecom giant O2’s recent data issues – with the call automatically terminating on multiple occasions before […]

Video: drama as Corbyn wins debate on govt cowardice and contempt

Speaker John Bercow shows his disdain for behaviour on the Tory benches Just before 9pm this evening, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn won an emergency debate on the Tory government’s cowardice and contempt for Parliament, parliamentary procedure and our democracy. In a ‘you couldn’t make it up’ moment, the government did not even have the guts […]

May runs away from Brexit vote

Image credit: @ukdemockery Reports are starting to filter out that Theresa May has cancelled tomorrow’s key vote on her desperate Brexit withdrawal deal. The BBC has said reports are unconfirmed, but Bloomberg has reported it as definite and other outlets are coming out now with similar news. All this after repeated assertions by May and […]

Video: DUP sees sense and integrity of Corbyn’s Sky interview on Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave an interview to Sky News on Friday evening on the topic of Brexit, Theresa May’s deal, the Northern Irish border with Ireland and the UK’s ongoing relationship with the EU. His comments were perfectly pitched, not only to clearly convey Corbyn’s genuine commitment to achieving the best for leavers and […]

Thirty ministers tour as ‘stealth general election’ campaign ramps up

The Tories have thirty ministers touring the country ‘to sell Theresa May’s deal’. Right. Remember, the public has no say on her deal next week – its fate will be decided by a vote by MPs next Tuesday, unless she chickens out as she has shown signs of preparing to do. Nonetheless, mainstream media commentators are dutifully […]

Tories softening up public for May to chicken out of Brexit deal vote

May getting ready to chicken out again The Tories have long adopted a tactic of abandoning votes they fear they will lose – and they look to repeat the manoeuvre, this time in the most scandalous and despicable of circumstances. The government has frequently opted to avoid the appearance of defeat by not even trying […]