Ten successes already in the bag at #Lab18

For all the uproar around a couple of specific issues, Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool, which still has two days to run, has already seen a number of successes for member empowerment on a scale that members would hardly have dared dream about just two years ago. Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come. In […]

#Lab18 passes changes to leadership nomination and MP selection criteria

  Votes six and eight at this year’s Labour conference in Liverpool have seen delegates approve the NEC’s recommendations for changes to the processes for Labour’s leadership nominations and for constituency parties (CLPs) to initiate a selection process to potentially replace an incumbent Labour MP. The two votes carried with 63.94% in favour for the nomination […]

How good new selection rules are is clear in how much Labour First hates them

Advocates of ‘open selection’ continue to make noise about the decision of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to put forward an ‘affirmative ballot’ process for the selection of Labour’s parliamentary candidates. Open Selection, at least in the form that has recently been promoted by Momentum, is essentially a ‘no bar’ ‘primary’ system that happens before […]

NEC passes 33% affirmative ballot threshold

Labour’s NEC has this evening agreed to put the 33% ‘affirmative ballot‘ system favoured by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to Conference as a formal statement for future parliamentary candidate selections. As the SKWAWKBOX described last week, this is a low bar for members wishing to change their MP – not the ‘no bar’ hoped for […]

Excl: “Affirmative ballot” is no defeat. It’s the new selection system that Corbyn backs

Mainstream media, as they’re inclined to do, have this morning been spinning the NEC’s (National Executive Committee’s) intended new system for selecting MPs as a ‘defeat’ for Corbyn – presenting an assumption that Corbyn himself was a supporter of the ‘open selection’ system that some activists have been campaigning for and was unable to get […]

Now NEC’s circuits are unfrazzled this morning, selection situation looks better. Here’s how

In the tumult and exhaustion last night after a long day and a debate against a background of high member emotion, the picture painted by members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) who spoke to the SKWAWKBOX last night was far from disastrous – but it was worse than the real outcome. Here’s the definitive […]

Democracy arrives as Welsh Labour goes OMOV – full voting breakdown

Welsh Labour has ‘gone OMOV’ (one member one vote) for the election of its leader, after conference delegates in Cardiff voted with an overall 64.1% in favour (weighted percentages). 35.9% voted in favour of a revised ‘electoral college’ (EC) system. The detailed voting breakdown was as follows: Party units: 43.35% OMOV and 6.75% EC Affiliates: […]

Tory chaos sees ‘power-grab’ boundary plan shelved – for now

Theresa May – because of fears of the reaction of her own back-benchers – has shelved plans to try to force through changes to parliamentary constituency boundaries that would have given them an advantage of twenty or so seats compared to current boundaries. The closeness of the result at last year’s general election can be […]

NEC member Willsman’s report on last week’s NEC meeting

NEC member Peter Willsman Last week’s meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) saw drama with the adoption of additional examples from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) ‘working definition’ of antisemitism – but the deferment of a statement specifying additional protections for free speech and the rights of Palestinians. Since then, the Labour right […]

Birkenhead: exclusive insight into the construction of a Mail smear

Today’s Daily Mail carries a lurid headline alleging that ‘hard’ (i.e. about in the centre if this were Scandinavia) left Labour members are ‘forcing’ so-called ‘moderates’ out of Merseyside: It’s a laughably poor piece, full of the usual dog-whistle terms – even ‘Bolshevik’ – and repeating without challenge the kind of smears that the right […]