Efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt 2: the petition

On Wednesday evening, the SKWAWKBOX published evidence of a coordinated campaign on social media to undermine the efforts and credibility of GMB and Unite members at the Cammell Laird shipyard on Merseyside as they take action to defend their jobs. The accounts involved are brand new and appear to have sprung up almost exclusively with […]

Critic responds to Williamson’s act of kindness

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX showed how well-known left-wing MP Chris Williamson went considerably out of his way to help a centrist closely aligned with Williamson’s most strident critics. Williamson made a detour of around fifty miles from a trip to Manchester to give a lift to Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger, who was stranded at Nottingham rail station […]

You’ll never guess who accepted a lift from Derby MP Chris Williamson

Derby North MP Chris Williamson Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger is known as one of the most vocal commenters – many would say ‘trolls’ – against the supposed ‘hard left’ and on the issue of alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party. He has denied being linked to one of the worst troll groups, ‘Labour against antisemitism’ (LAAS), […]

Under-25s to save £1,000 a year as Labour promises free bus travel

Labour is announcing a new policy to fund free bus travel for those under the age of twenty-five across the country. The next Labour government will provide funds for free travel for under 25s to local authorities who introduce bus franchising or move to public ownership of their local bus services. This will support and incentivise […]