Tory MEPs’ vote to DEFEND Hungary’s ‘sovereign’ right to be racist should worry us all

The European Parliament logo European Parliament members (MEPs) have voted in favour of a motion of censure against Hungary and its premier Viktor Orbán for the country’s behaviour toward asylum seekers and minority groups – including Jewish and Roma people. The motion passed by 448 votes to 197 with 48 abstentions. To be adopted, the […]

Ryan rant blames ‘Trots Stalinists Communists’ for no-confidence vote

Labour MP Joan Ryan – who now formally lacks the confidence of her members after a dramatic vote at tonight’s Enfield North CLP (constituency Labour party) meeting, left the room a minute or so before the announcement of a result that led to an eruption of cheers and applause. Members described her as ‘quiet and […]

Excl: expected route and outcomes from today’s NEC meeting

Sources inside Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) have given the SKWAWKBOX an exclusive outline of the planned path of today’s meeting regarding the adoption of additional IHRA ‘working definition’ (‘IHRA’) examples – and the anticipated outcome, subject to successful passage by the NEC. Jeremy Corbyn is delivering a short speech about the Labour Party’s position […]

Professor’s powerful email rejecting May’s Windrush invitation is a must-read/share

Professor Gus John (image: Gus John Twitter profile) Professor Gus John is an award-winning writer, educator and campaigner, who was born in Grenada in the 1940s and moved to the UK at the age of nineteen. He received an email from Downing Street inviting him to this Friday’s reception for the 70th anniversary of the […]

THREE Enfield ethnic groups’ protest letters over ‘dubious’ deselection of ALL black councillors

  The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the serious issues and conflicts of interest in the London borough of Enfield, in which unqualified candidates were selected through a process found to have been unequal and deeply defective – and those candidates then helped oust the sitting council leader, replacing him with the same campaign secretary who […]

Guest post: “loyalty of working class people runs deep but betray it at your peril”

In this guest post, South Yorkshire teacher, trade unionist and staunch Labour voter Andy Searson takes EU-fixated Labour back-benchers to task. EU-fixated MPs: losing the loyalty of the working class Having just sat through another interview listening to a member of Parliament calling for a second EU referendum, I’m compelled to write this, if only […]

Video: #Gassama rescue spectacular – but disturbing edge to Establishment narrative

Video of Malian Mamoudou Gassama’s spectacular rescue of a child dangling from an apartment balcony has rightly gone viral – and Mr Gassama has been offered citizenship and a job by French president Macron: Gassama’s act was heroic, selfless and incredibly impressive and he fully deserves the praise and reward he has received. But the […]

SKWAWKBOX is a bogeyman at new Tory think-tank launch

Ruth Davidson and Michael Gove at ‘Onward’ launch Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson spoke on Monday evening at the launch of a new Tory think-tank – like we don’t already have more than enough of those getting undue airtime as talking heads on every mainstream politics programme – ‘Onward’. Presumably ‘Backward to the Victorian era’ […]

‘Slaughter’: at least 43 killed incl 6 children, 2000 injured as Israel fires on Palestinian protesters

As Palestinian protests in Gaza build toward the 70th ‘Nakba Day’ commemoration tomorrow, at least forty-three people have been killed as Israeli armed forces fired upon protesters, with reports of up to two thousand injured. Amnesty International initially reported thirty-eight confirmed dead: Human Rights Watch (HRW) director Omar Shakir named a higher death toll (later confirmed […]

Video: mass brawls at races in successive weekends. No media talk of ‘rich white person problem’

A mass brawl broke out at a horse-racing meeting on Saturday for the second weekend in succession, with fighting at Ascot, one of the most exclusive racing venues, a week after a battle at Goodwood involving fifty people. The footage makes shocking viewing: The media has covered the fighting. But it’s interesting to note the entirely […]