Video: DUP sees sense and integrity of Corbyn’s Sky interview on Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave an interview to Sky News on Friday evening on the topic of Brexit, Theresa May’s deal, the Northern Irish border with Ireland and the UK’s ongoing relationship with the EU. His comments were perfectly pitched, not only to clearly convey Corbyn’s genuine commitment to achieving the best for leavers and […]

Tories softening up public for May to chicken out of Brexit deal vote

May getting ready to chicken out again The Tories have long adopted a tactic of abandoning votes they fear they will lose – and they look to repeat the manoeuvre, this time in the most scandalous and despicable of circumstances. The government has frequently opted to avoid the appearance of defeat by not even trying […]

Two paragraphs in govt’s legal advice that seal May’s fate with the DUP

Comment After the humiliation of three Commons defeats in a row yesterday, including an unprecedented finding of contempt against her government, Theresa May has this morning released the government’s legal advice on her draft Brexit deal. It contains two paragraphs which must surely seal her fate – and that of her proposed agreement – as […]

Video: history and drama as Tories become 1st govt to be held in contempt of Parliament

Late this afternoon in the House of Commons, the Tories became the first government in the history of this country to be found guilty of contempt of Parliament, when MPs voted by 311 votes to 293 in support of a motion of contempt for the government’s refusal to disclose Brexit legal advice. The Tories, for […]

Video: DUP may support Corbyn after no-conf vote. Corbyn could be PM

The DUP’s Nigel Dodds talking to Sky News today In an interview with Sky News today, the DUP’s parliamentary leader Nigel Dodds delivered a blow to the Tories that will have sent tremors through Downing Street. The Establishment media’s constant line to minimise the realism of the prospect of Labour bringing down the government has […]

Video: BBC finally admits no-confidence vote, new election are realistic prospects

The BBC, like the rest of the mainstream media, have been pushing the misleading line that a new general election can only take place under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act (FTPA) if a two-thirds majority of all 650 MPs in the House of Commons votes for it. In fact, as the SKWAWKBOX showed two weeks […]

Video: Gardiner busts Marr misleading viewers about how easily govt can be removed

Labour MP Barry Gardiner on this morning’s Marr Earlier today, Labour’s excellent Barry Gardiner appeared on the BBC’s Marr show to discuss not only Brexit but the Theresa May’s likely contempt of Parliament for withholding its legal advice on May’s Brexit deal – after the government chose not even to contest a parliamentary vote to force […]

Short, candid video shows how deep the rift has become between May and the DUP

DUP Commons leader Nigel Dodds A short video captured today as Theresa May tried to sell her lamest-of-ducks deal to MPs displayed in unmistakable terms the depth of the rift that has opened up between May and her erstwhile DUP allies. Sky News captured the candid, incredulous reaction of the DUP’s leader in the Commons, […]

Video: Green in denial – unchallenged by BBC – over Tories’ inability to pass Budget bill

In denial: ex-Cabinet minister Damian Green Last week, the Tories performed a craven surrender when they accepted several opposition amendments to its Budget bill without even attempting to defeat them. The government was running scared after a decision by the DUP to side with the Opposition during votes on the bill – a defeat in […]

A new general election needs only 50% plus 1 of Commons, not two thirds many claiming

There is a lot of confusion around at the moment about the possibility of a new general election, with many – including politicians who should know better – saying the two-thirds majority required makes an election highly unlikely and some pivoting on that to claim a new referendum would be easier to achieve. However, those […]