Today, Labour MPs have a chance to put UK people ahead of narrow factional interests

This afternoon, members of Parliament of all parties vote again on the issue of a ‘meaningful vote’ for Parliament on any deal between the UK and the EU when this country leaves the EU next spring. The amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill today presents an opportunity to fight for a workers’ Brexit instead of […]

Today will expose those using Brexit merely as a political stick

  Who’s cynically using Brexit as a political baseball bat? Yesterday was a disastrous and humiliating day for Labour back-bench agitators and FBPE-hashtaggers, as the Tory ‘rebels’ on whom they publicly pinned their hopes accepted a transparently-false compromise from the government. Theresa May promised things she knows she can’t deliver – and the ‘rebels’ have […]

Tory fudge and cowardice = no winnable Brexit amendment vote on Tuesday

The media has been busily talking up the ‘EEA amendment’ of Labour’s ‘backbench rebels’, building the idea that this was the only winnable amendment – and, of course, using this to imply that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to abstain on the EEA bill was in some way to blame for whatever might happen when […]

Mandelson ‘regular visitor’ to Kinnock adviser’s home

The Kinnocks, both senior and junior, are receiving something of a pasting on social media today, after twice-unsuccessful former Labour leader senior decided to use the Independent as a vehicle for an attack on Labour’s Brexit strategy – this after the obvious impact of ‘centrist’ Labour stirring about remaining, directly or in effect, in the […]