A study in how the MSM work – now apparently it’s news SKWAWKBOX is in Liverpool

Comment The three-ply tissue in Rupert Murdoch’s press empire has published an article showing that it considers newsworthy the mundane fact that SKWAWKBOX editor Steve Walker is chair of a CLP (constituency Labour party) not far from the Liverpool venue currently hosting Labour’s annual conference: The article’s author, Henry Zeffman, states: A local Labour Party […]

How good new selection rules are is clear in how much Labour First hates them

Advocates of ‘open selection’ continue to make noise about the decision of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to put forward an ‘affirmative ballot’ process for the selection of Labour’s parliamentary candidates. Open Selection, at least in the form that has recently been promoted by Momentum, is essentially a ‘no bar’ ‘primary’ system that happens before […]

Jewish Chronicle forced to follow again after SKWAWKBOX reveals Orthodox protest plan

At the beginning of this week, the SKWAWKBOX contacted the Jewish Chronicle (JC) to ask why it hadn’t published a text from an Orthodox Jewish group confirming that a Corbyn-supporting letter by leading Charedi (Orthodox) rabbis was genuine and that this blog would be publishing it shortly. The JC had quietly rowed back from claims […]

SKWAWKBOX continues making a splash. Please support if you can

The SKWAWKBOX continues to have a substantial impact on the UK’s political narrative and on the information available to the left and the wider public – in many cases bringing information that would not be available elsewhere. The effectiveness and importance of that information can be seen in further Establishment attempts to restrict its circulation […]

Leaked email exposes Dem attempts to coordinate antisemitism smear vs left candidate Nixon

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed last night, the US Democratic Party in New York State tore a page straight out of the anti-Corbyn playbook by launching a campaign to smear TV star and left-wing candidate for the party’s nomination for state governor, Cynthia Nixon. The smear triggered a huge backlash among Ms Nixon’s supporters and in […]

The emails Sandwell council leader says are ‘waste of his time’ to ask about

As the SKWAWKBOX published on Monday, Sandwell council leader Steve Eling – a close associate of right-wing Labour MP John Spellar – was asked seven questions by this blog about the leaking of confidential information to a local, anti-Labour blogger and about his failure to react appropriately when a close council ally fell into disrepute. […]

Sandwell leader’s remarkable response to questions re confidential leaks: “Don’t waste my time”

Edit: this article originally described Julian Saunders as a ‘UKIP-supporting blogger’. He has been in touch to advise that he is not a UKIP supporter. Steve Eling Sandwell council leader – and delegate of right-wing MP John Spellar’s Brandhall Labour Club – Steve Eling has been slated for alleged leaks of sensitive information on political […]

Enfield N ‘ploy’ to rule out Ryan no-confidence motion fails

As the SKWAWKBOX published exclusively on Sunday, members of Enfield North CLP (constituency Labour party) tabled a motion of no confidence in their MP, Joan Ryan, accusing her of making false accusations of antisemitism and bringing the party into disrepute. Ms Ryan publicly dismissed the motion, which was to be debated at tomorrow’s CLP meeting, […]

Ryan dismissed no-confidence vote as ‘distraction’ – but emails members a plea for support

Enfield North MP Joan Ryan As the SKWAWKBOX revealed at the weekend, Labour MP and LFI chair Joan Ryan faces a motion of no confidence tabled by local members angry at “false allegations of antisemitism” against a Labour member, Ryan’s readiness to use the press to make accusations and what they feel are “cynical politics”. […]

Excl video: Mann’s ‘unequivocal vote of confidence’ was ‘underhand’ CLP meeting with protest walk-out

John Mann’s face during his CLP’s ‘unequivocal vote of confidence’ The tweet On Sunday, Bassetlaw MP John Mann tweeted smugly about the ‘unequivocal vote of confidence‘ he had received from his local members: The protest If it seems odd that his CLP (constituency Labour party) was meeting on a Sunday, that’s because it is – […]