Huge victory for workers as #CammellLaird shelves redundancy plans

Shipyard workers and their unions have achieved a major victory in their fight to prevent hundreds of redundancies at the Cammell Laird shipyard on Merseyside. In a meeting this afternoon the company pulled back from the brink, agreeing to shelve the redundancies for four weeks in exchange for an end to the industrial action, to […]

Efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt 2: the petition

On Wednesday evening, the SKWAWKBOX published evidence of a coordinated campaign on social media to undermine the efforts and credibility of GMB and Unite members at the Cammell Laird shipyard on Merseyside as they take action to defend their jobs. The accounts involved are brand new and appear to have sprung up almost exclusively with […]

Coordinated efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt1: Twitter accounts spring up to troll

Union members at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead are united in a rolling strike action to defend their jobs after the company announced plans to make around forty percent of the workforce redundant just after winning a huge £619 million contract. Unions say that the redundancies are part of a move by the shipyard […]

Survation’s Brexit deal results show Corbyn’s plan can unite the country

Comment Survation – the most accurate polling company at last year’s general election – has published results of its survey of sentiment toward Theresa May’s Brexit deal among UK voters. Its results may surprise some, given the dismal nature of May’s proposal: The numbers among Labour and remain supporters may well reflect the May’s relentless […]

Drakeford launches manifesto for Welsh Labour

Welsh Labour leadership candidate Mark Drakeford has launched his detailed manifesto for Welsh Labour – and the Welsh government – if he succeeds in his election bid. The forty-page document outlines his plans for education, the NHS, the economy, employment, Wales’ relationship with Europe, energy, the environment, housing, data use and more. Here are a […]

Momentum supporting drivers in fight against Uber’s attempt to overturn ‘workers’ ruling

James Farrar, one of the successful Uber drivers contesting the firm’s final appeal Pro-Corbyn group Momentum is supported drivers in their court battle to prevent Uber overturning a legal ruling confirming their status as workers – securing employment rights and paid holidays. Following the 24 hour strike earlier this month, Uber drivers are meeting their […]

Exclusive: Labour dismantles allegations re employment practices

Earlier today, the LabourList site published an ‘exclusive comment piece’ – and a comment piece on the comment piece – claiming that Labour employees are on insecure contracts, sometimes have to use foodbanks or payday lenders and are sometimes asked to work overtime at short notice. In the follow-up comment piece, LabourList editor Sienna Rodgers […]

WWL NHS Trust trolls workers striking to stay in the NHS

NHS staff in the north-west are striking against a decision by Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust to transfer their employment out of the NHS to a new limited company set up by the trust to exploit tax rules. Estates and facilities, porters, domestic and catering staff – among the lowest-paid in the NHS – […]

Video: Speaker has to silence Tory contempt as Corbyn represents workers under threat

On Wednesday, Liverpool Labour MP Dan Carden tweeted a comment triggered by a display of arrogance and contempt by Tory MPs during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) that was astonishing even by their low standards. The tweet clearly struck a chord with the people of this country, as it was widely shared – but the display […]

Hermes responds to employment court loss in message to workers: ‘business as usual’

Last week, delivery giant Hermes lost a case against a group of ‘self-employed’ drivers – a result described by their union as a triumph against ‘bogus’ self-employment – when a tribunal decided the workers were just that: workers and therefore entitled to holidays, sick pay and other employment protections. The number of people forced to […]