A study in how the MSM work – now apparently it’s news SKWAWKBOX is in Liverpool

Comment The three-ply tissue in Rupert Murdoch’s press empire has published an article showing that it considers newsworthy the mundane fact that SKWAWKBOX editor Steve Walker is chair of a CLP (constituency Labour party) not far from the Liverpool venue currently hosting Labour’s annual conference: The article’s author, Henry Zeffman, states: A local Labour Party […]

Jewish Chronicle forced to follow again after SKWAWKBOX reveals Orthodox protest plan

At the beginning of this week, the SKWAWKBOX contacted the Jewish Chronicle (JC) to ask why it hadn’t published a text from an Orthodox Jewish group confirming that a Corbyn-supporting letter by leading Charedi (Orthodox) rabbis was genuine and that this blog would be publishing it shortly. The JC had quietly rowed back from claims […]

Centrist fake-news site still claiming rabbis’ letter fake long after proven genuine

  Last week, the SKWAWKBOX published a letter signed by twenty-nine rabbis of London Orthodox Jewish congregations in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and condemning ‘irresponsible’ claims that Jewish citizens are considering leaving the UK if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. The letter, clearly deeply inconvenient to those who have a political interest in painting […]

Leaked email exposes Dem attempts to coordinate antisemitism smear vs left candidate Nixon

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed last night, the US Democratic Party in New York State tore a page straight out of the anti-Corbyn playbook by launching a campaign to smear TV star and left-wing candidate for the party’s nomination for state governor, Cynthia Nixon. The smear triggered a huge backlash among Ms Nixon’s supporters and in […]

Willsman clarifies Momentum jibe – but attacks M-democracy under Lansman. Lansman responds

National Executive Committee (NEC) veteran Peter Willsman was re-elected last week to the NEC in spite of the ill-advised decision by a subset of Momentum’s National Coordinating Group to withdraw support for his candidacy after the misrepresentation by the Establishment of leaked comments by Willsman at the July NEC meeting. Other left groups – including many […]

Labour’s Formby shows Powell a better approach to online forums

Labour MP Lucy Powell has been appearing in the media to promote her “Private Member’s Bill” which, as she describes it, is intended to ‘establish’: legal accountability for what’s published in large online forums, I believe we can force those who run these echo chambers to stamp out the evil that is currently so prominent. […]

TV-star-turned-candidate Nixon smeared by own party as US Dems copy anti-Corbyn playbook

Smeared and smeared alike: Nixon and Corbyn Picture the scene: a popular left-wing leadership candidate threatens the status quo of an Establishment, notionally-left political party, putting at risk the painstakingly-constructed business-as-usual cosiness that it clings to. In spite of huge threats from burgeoning right-wing extremism, the Establishment party turns on one of its own candidates, […]

Excl: victim of attempted assault, death threat by Ryan supporter speaks

On Thursday, right-wing Labour MP Joan Ryan lost a vote of no confidence moved by her local party. She responded by launching into a social media attack on the “Trots Stalinists Communists” [sic] – her own party members – who had carried the vote and made similar comments to mainstream media. But as the SKWAWKBOX […]

If PressTV journalist at Ryan meeting was ‘infiltrator’, RIGHT-wingers let him in

The Establishment – and possibly jealous – media and supporters of the Labour right are in histrionics at the fact that ‘Iranian BBC’ Press TV  was able to film some of the proceedings at Thursday night’s meeting of Enfield North CLP (constituency Labour party). The meeting dramatically carried a motion of no confidence in the […]

Excl: death-threat, attempted assault at Ryan no-confidence meeting – by right against left

Celbic Hall, Enfield – the scene of alleged ‘centrist’ death-threats (image: Google Maps) Last night, a broad coalition of Enfield North Labour members passed a dramatic motion of no confidence in local MP Joan Ryan, after a tense and fraught debate and vote. Ms Ryan subsequently posted a disparaging tweet describing members who supported the […]