‘Nuclear’ email by Enfield dep council leader asks whole Labour group to support investigation

Deputy Enfield Council leader Daniel Anderson The drama in Enfield has moved from growth to explosion, with an email – described by local Labour figures as ‘nuclear’ – sent by the council’s deputy leader to all Labour councillors and obtained by the SKWAWKBOX. Outrage has grown among locals in and out of the party since […]

Extraordinary email: “We were delegated to Spellar’s CLP without our permission’ – now suspend it”

Warley Labour MP John Spellar The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the serious question marks over the practice of Brandhall Labour Club in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell of sending delegates to vote at local CLPs (constituency Labour parties) – when there appears to be no evidence the club is an affiliated organisation […]

W Brom West CLP asks Formby for urgent investigation into suspect Brandhall affiliations

The SKWAWKBOX has been covering at length the issue of suspicious attachment of delegates to CLPs (constituency Labour parties) in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell – the heart of right-wing Labour, if it can be said to have a heart. Delegates from affiliated organisations can exercise considerable control over the affairs, decisions and direction […]

Exclusive: Labour member saves man stabbed in shocking London knife attack

Close-up of the horrific wound site A Labour Party member played a crucial role in saving the life of a man who was horribly wounded in a vicious knife attack in the Hounslow area of London yesterday. The attack took place opposite Hounslow’s Sun pub and a Labour member passing by discovered a disoriented man […]

A little of what SKWAWKBOX achieved in the last month. Please support if you can

It’s been almost a month since the last SKWAWKBOX update – and a busy one. Here is just a small selection of the information this blog has brought to its readers either exclusively or when the mainstream media was largely ignoring it – and some of the key impacts that information has had: a letter […]

Excl: Sandwell council leader tells MP ‘we don’t use confidentiality agreements’. Here’s one..

Earlier this year, Tory MP James Morris launched an extraordinary attack in the Commons on Sandwell Council and its leader Steve Eling, accusing the ‘moderate’-dominated council of becoming, synonymous with local government incompetence, corruption, and cronyism. In addition, a Morris letter to Eling and the council’s chief executive attacked the use of ‘confidentiality agreements’ to silence […]

Excl: full email confirming ‘earthquake’ suspension that has shaken Labour right

Last night, the SKWAWKBOX revealed the suspension of Sandwell LCF (Local Campaign Forum) in the West Midlands – and why it has seismically shaken right-wing Labour at its core. The ‘earthquake’ was confirmed by an email “TO ALL LABOUR GROUP MEMBERS AND OBSERVERS” – but the news of the shock suspension was not its only […]

Student who revealed Umunna internship: “He wants us to take out a loan to work for him”

Chuka Umunna Kane Emerson is the Leeds University student who revealed centrist Labour MP Chuka Umunna’s ad for an unpaid internship – at his London office. Umunna issued an explanation – emphases added by the SKWAWKBOX – of his reasons for advertising the unpaid position: The Leeds University placement is a structured part of politics sandwich-course […]

LFI members

Edit: This article originally said that six MPs had been removed from the list of Labour Friends of Israel’s parliamentary supporters. LFI has stated that the list missing six names was an old list, although it was live on their site until 24 May 2018. It has now been deleted and attempts to navigate to […]

Video: HIGNFY uses SKWAWKBOX meme. No credit (again)

This week’s BBC Have I Got News for You (HIGNFY) programme featured a discussion of the now well-known term ‘gammon’. It also featured the SKWAWKBOX meme that has become indelibly linked with the term. Not for the first time, the ‘MSM’ has used original SKWAWKBOX material with no credit: Ben Davis did indeed tweet the image […]