“Inappropriate”, “unaccountable” – letter from branch to Field’s CLP lays bare dissatisfaction

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively in late July, Birkenhead constituency Labour party (CLP) overwhelmingly voted no confidence in him – and to demand the withdrawal of the Labour whip from him – well before he opted to resign the whip on Thursday. Jumping before he was pushed, with maximum publicity. But a letter sent by […]

Please support the SKWAWKBOX. Here’s how we changed the narrative in the last month

The SKWAWKBOX continues to be a thorn in the side of the Establishment and the right. This was demonstrated in the last few weeks perhaps most tellingly by the series of technical attacks on the site to prevent access just as especially inconvenient articles started to take off – and by even the BBC’s default […]

Video: Finkelstein’s damning response to Hodge – full version

Finkelstein: damning Norman Finkelstein was one of many Jewish people to react in outrage to Labour MP Margaret Hodge’s comparison of receiving a disciplinary letter from the Labour Party to the fear felt by Jewish families fleeing the nazis in the 1930s. The SKWAWKBOX yesterday covered his and other comments, but the ‘EL4C’ tweet in […]

Video: Ellman misled a second time on same Newsnight programme

Labour MP Louise Ellman has come under fire this evening for attacking Jeremy Corbyn on last night’s BBC Newsnight programme. Ellman claimed to have just found out about a 2010 event with Jewish Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer that Corbyn attended – and to be ‘absolutely appalled’ that Corbyn had been at the event because of Meyer’s […]

Unite conference accepts Wadsworth issue onto debate agenda

Marc Wadsworth Against expectations, the required forty-nine delegates have supported a move to include the issue of veteran black activist Marc Wadsworth for debate at the Unite union’s conference taking place now in Brighton. The item has been accepted by the conference’s Standing Orders Committee onto the conference agenda. Wadsworth was recently expelled by the […]

Night before CLP vote on Wadsworth motion, exec issues new rules banning debate

  Black activist Marc Wadsworth, who played a key role in supporting the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, was expelled from the Labour Party after a public argument with MP Ruth Smeeth. This was not, as was widely reported, for antisemitism but on disrepute charges. Marc Wadsworth Since then, Wadsworth has been conducting a […]

Breaking: ‘Abbott abuser’ expelled from Labour for supporting Tories

  ‘Labour’ right-winger Andy Bigham became notorious after a repeated, ‘abusive’ post about Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott. In breaking news, Bigham has now been expelled from the party after the SKWAWKBOX revealed his expressions of support for the Tory party – and his activities as moderator of a closed Tory group – also on […]

21 CLPs so far move in support of Wadsworth

Black activist Marc Wadsworth was recently expelled from the Labour Party after a public argument with MP Ruth Smeeth in 2016. Although some media outlets have claimed the expulsion was for antisemitism, it was in fact on grounds of bringing the party into disrepute – a charge that Wadsworth vigorously denies. Wadsworth has been on […]

Abbott’s ‘Labour right abuser’ runs TORY Facebook group

Late last year, the SKWAWKBOX covered the abuse directed toward Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott by a right-wing ‘Labour’ member of a Facebook politics group. The abusive message was deeply troubling: Bigham also routinely posted angry messages about Jeremy Corbyn and other left-wing figures. However, although the Abbott message was reported to the party, he […]

Breaking: QC appointed as Labour’s new in-house counsel

Gordon Nardell QC of 20 Essex Street Chambers has been appointed as Labour’s new in-house Counsel (IHC), to oversee the party’s disciplinary processes. Labour sources told the SKWAWKBOX that an urgent task of the IHC will also be to define what qualifies as evidence in complaints – a key issue in ensuring that due process […]