Night before CLP vote on Wadsworth motion, exec issues new rules banning debate

  Black activist Marc Wadsworth, who played a key role in supporting the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, was expelled from the Labour Party after a public argument with MP Ruth Smeeth. This was not, as was widely reported, for antisemitism but on disrepute charges. Marc Wadsworth Since then, Wadsworth has been conducting a […]

Breaking: ‘Abbott abuser’ expelled from Labour for supporting Tories

  ‘Labour’ right-winger Andy Bigham became notorious after a repeated, ‘abusive’ post about Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott. In breaking news, Bigham has now been expelled from the party after the SKWAWKBOX revealed his expressions of support for the Tory party – and his activities as moderator of a closed Tory group – also on […]

21 CLPs so far move in support of Wadsworth

Black activist Marc Wadsworth was recently expelled from the Labour Party after a public argument with MP Ruth Smeeth in 2016. Although some media outlets have claimed the expulsion was for antisemitism, it was in fact on grounds of bringing the party into disrepute – a charge that Wadsworth vigorously denies. Wadsworth has been on […]

Abbott’s ‘Labour right abuser’ runs TORY Facebook group

Late last year, the SKWAWKBOX covered the abuse directed toward Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott by a right-wing ‘Labour’ member of a Facebook politics group. The abusive message was deeply troubling: Bigham also routinely posted angry messages about Jeremy Corbyn and other left-wing figures. However, although the Abbott message was reported to the party, he […]

Breaking: QC appointed as Labour’s new in-house counsel

Gordon Nardell QC of 20 Essex Street Chambers has been appointed as Labour’s new in-house Counsel (IHC), to oversee the party’s disciplinary processes. Labour sources told the SKWAWKBOX that an urgent task of the IHC will also be to define what qualifies as evidence in complaints – a key issue in ensuring that due process […]

Local Labour eruptions continue to grow as Rochdale members demand action

Local Labour – erupting as members start to say ‘enough’ (image courtesy of Earthquakes and eruptions Recent SKWAWKBOX coverage of selection scandals in local Labour parties, with allegations of abuse of the rules and outright rigging made by left-wing members against entrenched right-wing figures, appears to have turned over a hornet’s nest to reveal […]

Disturbing social media of right-winger who may have casting vote on McKenzie expulsion

Lewisham East Chair, Labour First tactical trainer and die-hard right-winger Ian McKenzie was suspended last month after the revelation of misogynist social media posts that included tweets about the gang-rape and beheading of Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. He also resigned from a position as political adviser to Newham’s mayor: The complaints those messages engendered […]

How Labour’s wider disciplinary processes will be made fit for purpose

Image: Rwendland via Wikimedia Commons The SKWAWKBOX published details and analysis earlier this week of Labour’s new disciplinary process for antisemitism complaints. The new process, which is based firmly on the recommendations of the Chakrabarti report, has been widely welcomed for its clear processes, fixed timescales and intelligent measures to depoliticise complaints and adjudications. However, Labour […]

Formby’s impressive new disciplinary process gives cause for confidence

Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby’s planned overhaul to the party’s disciplinary processes bodes well for all parts of the party – with the exception of the few members who behave in an antisemitic fashion. Formby’s plan is firmly based on the principles of the Chakrabarti report to ensure that justice is not only done, but […]

Suspended McKenzie’s vile social media history continues to emerge

As right-wing, male Labour MPs attempt to defend the indefensible – the hideous tweets about the murder and gang-rape of a female Labour front-bencher by now-suspended Lewisham East party chair and Labour campaign secretary Ian McKenzie – and even socialise with him in Parliament, their members have begun to take them to task. But McKenzie’s […]