With Trump about to bomb Syria, you need to see this

US fighter jets over Iraq The US is expected to start bombing imminently against the Assad regime’s forces and infrastructure in Syria. Based on recent history, the Tory government and adventurist so-called Labour ‘moderates’ will wish to join in – and will paint anyone who opposes the move as unpatriotic and, almost certainly, as a […]

Exclusive ‘Smoking gun’ video: BBC trying to help Boris Johnson keep his job #SackBorisJohnson

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been under increasing pressure after the revelation that his claim – including in a televised interview – that the Porton Down chemical weapons laboratory told him ‘categorically’ that ‘there is no doubt’ the Salisbury nerve agent came from Russia was a complete falsehood. Yesterday’s Sky News interview, in which the […]

Now Foreign Office deletes tweet that #PortonDown confirmed Russian origin

As the SKWAWKBOX highlighted yesterday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told a complete untruth to UK citizens – and was captured in a filmed interview – that he knew Russia was the source of the poison that affected the Skripals and a police officer in Salisbury because the scientists at Porton Down’s chemical weapons facility told […]

Wolfson chastises Times over latest membership/antisemitism fake news

A Jewish Labour NEC (National Executive Committee) member has chastised the Times for fake news linking a supposed membership slump to recent trumped-up antisemitism claims by hostile organisations. The Times’ Twitter account tweeted that 17,000 members have left the party over the last three months, but was corrected in a tweet by Rhea Wolfson: The […]

Times claims 19% Lab members recognise antisemitism. Their own numbers say 96%

On Friday, the Times’ Sam Coates put out a series of tweets about the supposed ‘Labour antisemitism problem’ – an angle the ‘MSM’ continues to push in spite of clear evidence to the contrary – to tout an article by Coates and Lucy Fisher claiming Corbyn is ‘failing to tackle antisemitism’. The clear evidence to […]