Labour debunks ‘elitist donor’ claim

Right-wing ‘Labour’ sites have claimed that Labour has resurrected Tony Blair’s ‘Thousand Club’ and that this is because the party’s finances are less healthy than they have been since the pro-Corbyn membership surge wiped out Labour’s debts. As usual, it’s complete nonsense. A Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX: It’s just a refocusing of our donor […]

Reading Festival – more silent disco revellers break out in ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’

Two weeks ago, the SKWAWKBOX covered the world’s largest silent disco – at the Boardmasters festival in Cornwall – where a crowd of some 18,000 young people broke out spontaneously into the famous ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant when the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army started to play in their headphones. The tribute signalled the bankruptcy and […]

Video: SKWAWKBOX first name Newsnight thinks of when it talks new media

The SKWAWKBOX featured briefly on the BBC’s Newsnight programme on Thursday night in a way that was quite interesting. Journalist Owen Jones was talking about the billionaire-owned media and the host seemed to want to change the subject quickly – and so cut across Jones to say that the ‘traditional’ media is ‘plunging’ while ‘new media’ […]

Video: after years of smears, Corbyn’s thoughts on media change? Protect the poorest

Jeremy Corbyn spoke yesterday in Edinburgh about his plans for changes to the media landscape. ‘MSM’ coverage of the event has tended to focus on two areas. Either we’ve heard fake news about cameras not being allowed in and Corbyn not allowing journalists to ask questions – both untrue – or equally fake news about […]