Leading BAME MPs slam Umunna’s exploitation of racism

At the weekend, right-wing Labour back-bencher Chuka Umunna, perhaps rattled by the visit of his well-known and popular colleague Chris Williamson’s ‘Democracy Roadshow’ to his constituency a few days before, followed up his ‘dogs’ attack on Labour’s pro-Corbyn membership majority by telling broadcasters that Labour is ‘institutionally racist’. The comments have been widely interpreted as […]

Javid open to libel action for Corbyn tweet

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has opened himself to libel action by a tweet – to a now-deactivated account – clearly implying that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn teaches or misleads people to deny the Holocaust. Corbyn has, of course, never said or done anything to lead anyone to deny the holocaust and in late 2016 visited […]

Watch May lie to Parliament to claim pairing breach vote-cheating was ‘in error’

Theresa May lied to Parliament yesterday. During Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), she told MPs that Chief Whip Julian Smith and Conservative party chair Brandon Lewis broke pairing – in other words, cheated to win a tight vote – in error. We now know – because Smith admitted it – that he did it intentionally. Had […]

May running scared of democracy as she tries to shut down Parliament 5 days early

After squeaking through her Brexit bill this evening in which she fended off a rebellion by the hard-Brexit fringe of her party by surrendering completely to their demands and then barely survived the resulting backlash from remainer Tories – by a mere three votes – Theresa May is now running scared from the UK’s democracy. […]

Breaking: another one bites the dust as Bebb resigns

Guto Bebb In yet another blow for Theresa May, the SKWAWKBOX understands that Tory Guto Bebb has resigned as a defence minister – believed to be because he has voted with Labour on tonight’s Brexit vote. Less than a week ago, Bebb said that Boris Johnson’s resignation was a selfish act. Presumably he thinks his […]

Raab new Brexit Secretary. Twitter: ‘One t**t out, one t**t in’

David Davis’ resignation last night as Brexit Secretary seems to have presented Theresa May with a quandary – how to find someone just as hapless to take his place. Readers could be excused for thinking that finding an incompetent replacement for a Tory minister would be as easy as finding turds in a septic tank, […]

Video: McVey just lied in the debate about the lies in her apology for lying

McVey’s ‘hat-trick’ DWP Secretary Esther McVey misled Parliament twice on Monday, insisting when challenged that a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) stated that the roll-out of Universal Credit (UC) must be ‘speeded up’. It actually said that the roll-out must stop until the DWP can cope with the number of applicants. Ms McVey appeared [video] […]

Benn’s Leeds Central CLP stays 100% left at AGM

Hilary Benn – applauded by Tories after grandstanding ‘bomb Syria’ speech Former Labour front-bencher is, for many on the Labour left, the epitome of centrism – all the more so for his grandstanding speech supporting Britain’s bombing on Syria. A speech that is applauded by cheering Tories is not something most Labour members will consider […]

Shadow Women’s Sec Butler tears into May over upskirting failure

As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Friday, Tory MPs blocked legislation to outlaw ‘upskirting’ by talking non-stop for hours until deadlines for it to proceed further through the legislative process. Philip Davies has angrily denied that his intention was to block the Voyeurism (Offences) Bill, but the effect of his droning helped to ensure its failure – […]

Vid: (T)ouch(é) – May’s, Johnson’s #PMQS faces after Corbyn’s Trump question are a must-see

‘The eyes have it’ – May’s stony gaze at today’s PMQs Jeremy Corbyn touched a deep, deep nerve today in Theresa May when he humorously exposed the Prime Minister’s lack of competence – and apparently confidence – in the Brexit negotiations by asking her whether she had asked Donald Trump to take over Britain’s part […]