Tory chaos sees ‘power-grab’ boundary plan shelved – for now

Theresa May – because of fears of the reaction of her own back-benchers – has shelved plans to try to force through changes to parliamentary constituency boundaries that would have given them an advantage of twenty or so seats compared to current boundaries. The closeness of the result at last year’s general election can be […]

Ryan dismissed no-confidence vote as ‘distraction’ – but emails members a plea for support

Enfield North MP Joan Ryan As the SKWAWKBOX revealed at the weekend, Labour MP and LFI chair Joan Ryan faces a motion of no confidence tabled by local members angry at “false allegations of antisemitism” against a Labour member, Ryan’s readiness to use the press to make accusations and what they feel are “cynical politics”. […]

Coyle’s whine re Williamson’s democracy roadshow suggests right-wingers rattled

London MP Neil Coyle – not a happy bunny Derby North MP Chris Williamson has embarked on a ‘Democracy Roadshow’ with union man Tosh McDonald to talk to Labour members about the democratisation of the Labour Party to reflect the views and aims of its huge membership.  It’s an initiative that shows Labour is in […]

Labour members launch petition calling for action against ‘centrist’ sabotage

Last year, the SKWAWKBOX revealed a number of instances of right-wing Labour staffers undermining the party’s efforts and electoral prospects – and yesterday the Times published revelations that showed ‘Southside’ HQ staff faking social media campaigns to deceive the party’s leadership during last year’s general election campaign. Those suffering now under the Tories are suffering […]

Latest polling shows Corbyn still playing Brexit hand just right

Corbyn: playing a tough hand intelligently as latest polls show A small flood of polls released over the past few days show Labour opening a significant lead over the Tories as the Conservatives’ vote share crashes: The polling suggests the Tories are leaking support back to UKIP as a result of Theresa May’s disastrous week […]

Told you so: Labour right tried to sabotage GE2017 – it’s their fault we’re suffering Tory govt

In the wake of Labour’s not-really-a-shock surge in last year’s 2017 general election, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that staff at Labour’s ‘Southside’ HQ were so confident in their predictions of electoral disaster that they had deactivated the entry passes of Corbyn’s team – who, on arriving at the building as the Tories reeled at the emerging […]

‘Shock’ result in Curborough by-election as Labour wins big in Tory heartland

Labour took a seat in the epitome of a Tory heartland on Thursday evening, in a council by-election win that was treated as a ‘shock’ by election pundits – but to those who remember the ‘Corbyn surge‘ last year against Establishment expectations, the only mild surprise is the scale of the win. Labour made a […]

Brilliant 94-second video lays out BBC’s pro-right bias for all to see

The BBC, funded, by the public, is governed by a charter that requires it to be impartial in its presentation of political issues. It rarely is and only comes close to it during general election periods – but left-wingers who accuse it of bias are often dismissed as subjective or even ‘conspiracy theorists’, while right-wingers […]

Video: BBC DP’s biased notes for Labour democracy interview?

Left-wing commentator Ellie-Mae O’Hagan appeared on today’s edition of the BBC’s Daily Politics programme to discuss Labour’s possible new rules for the democratisation of the party. These have already been screamingly misrepresented by the Murdoch press and others as: The Times: Labour hard left ‘tightening its grip’ Ms O’Hagan was taken to task by a Labour […]

Corbyn’s and Miliband’s approaches to #RefugeeCrisis speak volumes

In the last few days, tweets by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and by a ‘great centrist hope’ have encapsulated the gulf between the approach of a genuine people’s politician and the old, ‘they’re all the same’ politics. The people’s politician Last weekend, on World Refugee Day,  a group of cross-party remain-obsessives chanted “Where’s Jeremy” during […]