Tories gaslighting the poor with bizarre ‘MPs and Foodbanks’ campaign

Comment An ugly phenomenon has sprung up over the last few days as Tory MPs – no doubt driven by some twisted mind at CCHQ – have been engaging in a clearly-coordinated campaign of selfies posted at Foodbank collection points. The vomit-inducing photos scream hypocrisy and sociopathy, with grinning Tories proudly holding up emergency supplies […]

Video: Blair’s damning Marr irony failure wasn’t limited to his ‘as if I’d become a Tory’ comment

Comment Tony Blair on Sunday’s Marr show Tony Blair has been widely pilloried and mocked for his absolute self-awareness failure during his appearance on the BBC’s Marr show on Sunday morning. Discussing Brexit, the idea of a second referendum and Theresa May’s dismal Brexit ‘deal’, Blair said – with a straight face – that Theresa May’s […]

Video: Tory MP BOASTS that a new homeless centre opened in his constituency

Tory MP Richard Graham thinks a new homeless centre is cause for boasting Yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) has largely been noticed for a claim by Theresa May that a leading economist advising the Labour leadership had said that the numbers in the party’s 2017 general election manifesto didn’t add up. The claim was a […]

Desperate woman sets fire to herself in Tory-run Barnet council office. MSM ignore

A woman in evidently desperate straits has set fire to herself in the housing office of Tory-run Barnet council – and the mainstream media appear to have ignored the incident entirely. The parent of an eyewitness described the incident: My daughter took her mother to an appointment at Barnet Council ( Tory) housing office yesterday […]

Javid visits poverty-hit North-East – and talks to Bentley-owners

Home Secretary Sajid Javid – who still has not properly apologised for libelling Jeremy Corbyn last week, in spite of beating a hasty retreat when Corbyn’s lawyers got in touch – has been in the North-East today. Javid and the rest of Theresa May’s Cabinet had been in Gateshead for a Cabinet meeting – and […]

Video: Byrne’s constituent can’t afford socks for her kids. McVey mocks as Tories jeer

Callous: DWP Secretary Esther McVey DWP Secretary Esther McVey appeared before MPs again yesterday – fresh from lying last week about her ‘apology’ for lying to them – to answer questions about her department’s disastrous Universal Credit system. Her original lie last week had been to claim that the National Audit Office said the roll-out […]

Cruelty to rape victims and their children – Tories force almost 200 women claimants to ‘prove’ rape

Shocking figures released by HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) today have revealed that 190 women were forced to fill in forms under the Tory government’s ‘rape clause’ legislation to ‘prove’ they became pregnant through rape. Government rules now only pay child benefit for a woman’s first two children – unless she can prove that a […]

Video: Speaker has to silence Tory contempt as Corbyn represents workers under threat

On Wednesday, Liverpool Labour MP Dan Carden tweeted a comment triggered by a display of arrogance and contempt by Tory MPs during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) that was astonishing even by their low standards. The tweet clearly struck a chord with the people of this country, as it was widely shared – but the display […]

Vid: Green lets slip what May won’t admit – Tories to raise ALL taxes to pay for their NHS incompetence

Disgraced ex-Cabinet minister Damian Green appeared on the BBC’s Question Time last night and gave away more than he was probably meant to. Theresa May – and her chancellor Philip Hammond – has mentioned tax rises as part of her claimed additional investment in the NHS – which the Tories have spent the last eight years […]

Govt will NOT ban flammable cladding after Grenfell

In a move that ought to be astonishing, even unbelievable – but is anything but – the government will not ban the use of flammable cladding or untested cladding systems as a result of the terrible loss of life caused, and the suffering inflicted on the survivors by, the Grenfell Tower blaze. The ‘Hackitt Review’, […]